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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Daily dispatches of news and commentary from the front lines of the democracy movement. We accept original and cross-posted essays, interviews, video, audio, cartoons and other images from people interested in strengthening democracy so it works for all of us. The views are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Common Cause. Please send submissions to Scott Blaine Swenson, Vice President for Communications, at sswenson@commoncause.org.

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Groups Intensify Push to Defeat Sessions Nomination

Common Cause and allied organizations are delivering petitions to senators today urging the defeat of Sen. Jeff Sessions nomination for attorney general

Voting & Elections 11.4.2016

Oregon Officials Probing Deceptive Robocalls to Voters

Oregon's secretary of state is looking into reports that some voters are getting robocalls that tell them they're not registered and can't vote

Voting & Elections 10.4.2016

Let's say it again: Voter fraud is not the problem

The November election will be the first in 50 years conducted without the full protection of the Voting Rights Act, a development that heightens the importance of volunteer efforts to see that every voter has convenient, unobstructed access to the ballot. But with Election Day just five weeks away, some political leaders are stoking unfounded fears about voter fraud and recruiting volunteers bent on suppressing rather than boosting turnout.

Voting & Elections 09.9.2016

How to Truly Protect the Vote

Election Day, every school kid learns, is the one day when we are all truly equal and when we come together to make decisions that impact the whole country.

Voting & Elections 04.28.2016

Updated: A Young Voter's Story of Confusion and Misinformation at the Polls

Peter Flynn, 17, a senior at Middletown High School in Middletown, CT, ran into a bureaucratic buzzsaw when he went to cast his first-ever vote on Tuesday

Voting & Elections 03.23.2016

In Too Many Places, the Machinery of Our Elections Is Still Broken

In Arizona, Utah and Idaho, thousands of people stood for hours in line to vote on Tuesday

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