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Voting & Elections 06.15.2022

As Delaware’s Legislative Session Nears End: Voting, Inspector General Bills Still Need to be Passed – Hearings Today at 11:30 am and Noon

With just over two weeks remaining in Delaware’s 2022 legislative session, bills to allow voters to cast ballots by mail; enable voters to correct and update their voter registrations, or register for the first time; and create a statewide Inspector General’s office have not yet been passed.

Voting & Elections 06.10.2022

Vote by Mail Bill Filed in Delaware Senate

"Our democracy is stronger when every voter has the option to vote safely from home, if they so choose."

Voting & Elections 06.8.2022

Delaware House Passes Same-Day Voter Registration Bill with Bipartisan Vote

The legislation allows voters to register to vote, or update their name or address, when they go to vote. Delaware's registration deadline is currently the fourth Saturday prior to the date of the election.

Delaware Auditor Re-Indicted

Common Cause Delaware strongly supports the creation of an Inspector General’s office in the First State.  Right now there is bipartisan legislative support for creating an IG that is independent, non-partisan, and appointed on the basis of professional qualifications, rather than simply elected.

Voting & Elections 05.24.2022

Friday, May 27 – Deadline to Decide Party Affiliation Ahead of September 13 Primary

Almost one-fourth of First State voters will not be able to vote in the September 13 primary unless they choose to register with one of the two major parties before this Friday.

Voting & Elections 04.13.2022

House Committee to Consider Bill Providing for Same-Day Voter Registration

We believe all eligible voters should have the freedom to vote, unimpeded by early registration deadlines.

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