Every qualified citizen has a right to vote, but too many people do not have a fair opportunity to cast ballots, so we’re working to amend Connecticut’s Constitution to permit early voting and “no excuse” absentee voting (voting by mail or via secure ballot drop box).  We support expansion of automatic voter registration, to add qualified citizens to the voter rolls when they do business with any state agency; those who don’t wish to register can opt-out.

Automatic Voter Registration modernizes our registration system so more eligible Americans can register, vote, and make themselves heard–while at the same time safeguarding our elections with better technology.

We also support restoring the right to vote to individuals on parole.  Stripping the right to vote from those on parole is an act of disenfranchisement that has disproportionately impacted communities of color in Connecticut for far too long.

Early Voting and No Excuse Absentee Voting would help many citizens that face challenges when attempting to cast their ballot on Election Day.

  • Young folks who are eager to participate may find it hard to miss valuable time in the classroom or at their new job.
  • Single parents may be unable to afford the cost of additional childcare necessary to vote, especially if they expect to wait in line for an hour or two.
  • People living in rural areas need to set aside extra time and money for transportation.

The unfortunate reality in our state is that the voices of many hardworking citizens go unrepresented in our democracy.

To address this issue, Common Cause in Connecticut supports commonsense reforms that would modernize the Commonwealth’s election laws.  These reforms working together will allow more flexibility for people of all backgrounds to participate in elections.

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