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CT Law Tribune: Ban Foreign Spending on Ballot Referendum

"Citizens might have expected the issue of foreign interference in all U.S. elections to have been banned by federal law. True, foreign nationals are barred from donating to U.S. political candidates or committees. But a recent legal decision by the Federal Election Commission confirmed that neither Congress nor the FEC has acted to close the federal loophole that permits foreign spending to influence the outcome of state and local referenda."

Redistricting Commission Tweaks Senate Map

Lawmakers on Connecticut’s redistricting panel approved a map of new state Senate voting districts Tuesday which pulls a third district within Stamford’s city lines but leaves big portions of the state virtually unchanged.

Analysis: New House District Map Invests in Status Quo, But Sets Up Fairfield County Conflict

Population in Connecticut shifted south and west during the last decade, and the new district map for the state House of Representatives, approved Thursday by the Reapportionment Commission, reflects that change. But the reapportionment process is one controlled by the legislature, which means that the new map is designed to protect incumbents more than anything else.

Lawmakers reveal new state House district map

The General Assembly's Reapportionment Commission unanimously approved a new map for Connecticut’s state House districts on Thursday. In southeastern Connecticut, the 42nd District state House seat held by Mike France, R-Ledyard, has been moved to Fairfield County. Ledyard now belongs to the 43rd state House district seat held by Greg Howard, R-Stonington, and the change created ripples throughout the region.

CT Reapportionment Commission unanimously votes to approve new statewide house district map

Fairfield County saw big population jumps. As a result, an entire state House seat is moving to Wilton and New Canaan from rural eastern Connecticut - which lost population. The move means Wilton will no longer be divided into two seats.

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