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Voting & Elections 10.19.2022

OP-ED | 46 States Allow Early Voting And Connecticut Should, Too; Vote Yes On Ballot Question 1

"Life is complicated. Stuff happens. Cars break down. People get sick. Traffic is heavy. The caregiver doesn’t show up. The train from Grand Central is running late. Sleet has made driving hazardous. A ride promised to a frail person doesn’t materialize. Unforeseen problems can and do occur. Then there are folks who, when they see lines snaking out the door, turn around and leave because they can’t afford to wait. Unlike in countries where Election Day is on a weekend or is a national holiday, in this country Election Day is a workday and many people have a small window in which to be away from their workplace." - Michele Jacklin, State Advisory Board Member, Common Cause in Connecticut

Voting & Elections 10.18.2022

Thomas, Rapini talk laws, integrity in CT Secretary of State debate

"The two leading candidates vying to become Connecticut’s next Secretary of the State, Democrat Stephanie Thomas and Republican Dominic Rapini, met Tuesday night to debate how the state operates its elections and how voters can access the ballot. The meeting offered a clear picture of the differences between the two campaigns and their beliefs on early voting, absentee ballots, voter identification laws..."

Voting & Elections 09.16.2022

A look at efforts to ease Connecticut’s “restrictive” voting laws

Common Cause in Connecticut executive director Cheri Quickmire also joins. Common Cause was one of several advocacy organizations that has pushed for updates to Connecticut's voting protocols, signing a letter to Governor Lamont and legislators earlier this year. They wrote, "Despite Connecticut’s progressive reputation, there are still discriminatory barriers to equal participation in our democracy for voters of color and people whose first language is not English, particularly at the local level. In fact, Connecticut has some of the most restrictive voting laws in the nation with Black and Latino voters facing limited access to absentee voting, no early voting, and longer voting lines."

Voting & Elections 09.10.2022

CT is one of only four states without early voting – the former secretary of the state is trying to change that

“I couldn’t really walk away from this,” said Merrill, who expects to work with another group that filed with the SEEC last month called Vote for Democracy. Cheri Quickmire, executive director of Common Cause in Connecticut, the election watchdog who is a member of that group, said she expects Vote for Democracy to work hand-in-hand with Yes for Freedom to Vote Early. “We’re looking forward to combining our efforts and make sure this amendment passes at the ballot box and comes back to the General Assembly to hammer out the details,” Quickmire said in a Friday phone interview...

Voting & Elections 09.10.2022

Denise Merrill (opinion): It’s time for CT to say ‘yes’ to early voting

It’s no secret that numerous states are actively taking steps to impede voting access for millions of Americans, which will discourage voting, create more bureaucratic barriers, and depress voter turnout. In recent years Connecticut has taken a different and better path — rightly addressing restrictive laws and making voting easier for all eligible Connecticut citizens.

Voting & Elections 09.9.2022

CT Viewpoints: Early voting will open the polls to more CT voters

Can’t find childcare – it’s hard to vote. Have an unexpected business meeting in Manhattan that pops up on your calendar – it’s hard to vote. Work two jobs – it’s hard to vote. Taking care of your elderly family member – it’s hard to vote. Establishing an early voting period is a move that addresses both voter equity and accessibility by allowing a longer time frame for you to vote.

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