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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Voting & Elections 05.10.2023

New York Times: Texas Republicans Push New Voting Restrictions Aimed at Houston

“It’s definitely one of the most damaging,” said Katya Ehresman, the voting rights program manager at the advocacy group Common Cause Texas, because by limiting voters’ options it could decrease turnout. The bill, like others that have made it through the Senate, must still pass the more moderate, Republican-controlled State House.

Charlotte Observer: NC abortion bill didn’t need to move at ‘light speed,’ transparency advocates say

Common Cause NC, an open government advocacy group, has pushed for legislation to require 24 hours between the time a bill has been introduced and the time it goes to committee and at least 24 hours before a bill goes to a floor vote. “We didn’t even have 12 hours with this bill — and it was a 40-page-long bill,” Jane Pinsky, a program director with Common Cause, said. “It’s impossible to expect a legislator to do their job if they have 10 minutes to read a 40-page bill.” Pinsky said that people, regardless of their opinion on abortion, should be concerned when there isn’t openness and transparency in the legislative process. “This is supposed to be a deliberative process,” she said. “It is not supposed to be a rushed process.”

Voting & Elections 05.5.2023

Dallas Morning News/PolitiFact: Yes, a Texas bill would give GOP power to call election do-overs in Harris County

“As written, the bill does not clearly define ‘good cause’ and that is a serious problem that could easily throw our elections into chaos,” said Anthony Gutierrez, executive director of Common Cause Texas, a group aiming to keep elections free, fair and accessible.

The Nation: North Carolina Republicans Just Took Gerrymandering to a Whole New Level

“It’s a radical departure…a 180-degree change in how we have considered our system of government and the role of courts,” said Hilary Harris Klein, senior counsel for voting rights for a coalition of Southern-based groups, including Common Cause.

Ohio Capital Journal: GOP plan to advance 60% amendment in August looking wobbly after second hearing cancelled

Speaking after lawmakers canceled Wednesday’s hearing Mia Lewis from Common Cause dismissed the August election measure as “shenanigans.” “Ohioans will not accept this going onto an August special election. It’s not acceptable,” Lewis insisted. “It’s $20 million for no reason. Or for a very bad reason! Which is to try to subvert democracy, and people will not stand for it. I think they’re starting to read the writing on the wall.” Lewis acknowledged they might not muster quite as many demonstrators, but promised she and others would make their voices heard should lawmakers pursue the legislation next week.

Voting & Elections 05.2.2023

Texas Tribune: Texas House advances bill to eliminate Harris County election chief position

“This takes away all of that local power and that democracy involved in the process, and it’s just a takeover of one specific county that would not actually do anything for solutions for election administration,” said Katya Ehresman, voting rights program director for Common Cause Texas. “A lot of those solutions are done through investment of resources, of staff, not abolishing an office and potentially causing staff to leave or have their positions removed,” Ehresman said. “With 30 days left in session, we haven’t had any hearings or public testimony on online voter registration or high school voter registration or investments in our election administration. We have very little time to actually do anything proactive for our elections.”

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