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Phone: 213-623-1216 | Email: smoore@commoncause.org

Sylvia Moore is Common Cause’s Southern California Organizer based in Los Angeles.

Sylvia is responsible for educating Common Cause activists about issues, advocacy and tactics. She is also responsible for building strategy and public support for Common Cause’s initiatives, supporting and administering activist training, speaking to community groups, and assisting communications and outreach efforts. Sylvia has a decade of activism in Los Angeles County-area politics, having volunteered or worked on several political campaigns. She has also volunteered on behalf of campaigns supporting campaign finance reform, disclosure, and healthcare reform.

From 2005-2011, Sylvia was a volunteer member of Common Cause’s Media Reform project team in charge of educating the public around the issues of media and democracy, corporate media consolidation, and media literacy. She rejoined Common Cause as Southern California Organizer in 2015.

Sylvia holds a history degree from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master’s Degree in Print Journalism from the University of Southern California, and a law degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. She served as an intern at Copley News Service, and is a former reporter for the Monterey County Herald and the Ventura County Star.

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