Meet Josie…

Josie is a transfer student at the University of California, Los Angeles studying Political Science. Her interest in pursuing social change and activism led her to intern with California Common Cause, an experience that she has found “immensely rewarding.”

“I’ve been an intern with California Common Cause since November 2021, and in the months which have passed, I’ve worked on many interesting and fulfilling projects. I originally began working with Common Cause through a program at my community college, but I’ve enjoyed my work so much that I’ve agreed to stay on with them as an intern through the summer.

One of my favorite projects has centered around the Student Organizing Series (S.O.S). I’ve been able to help create and run a 7-week long online course to train student organizers. It has been incredibly exciting seeing my work in action and being able to interact with the students. 

Working with Common Cause has been very inspiring for me, the organizers are wonderful and have been so supportive. I have been able to learn so much and gain practical skills, as well as develop my leadership abilities. My work with Common cause has given me more confidence in myself and solidified my desire to pursue positive social change.”