Meet Diego…

Diego is a student at the University of Southern California studying Political Science, Philosophy, and Law. Diego has a strong interest in politics through demonstrated leadership and he is “thankful to California Common Cause” for all he has learned.

“In my studies, I’ve learned a lot about politics. But, my education really lacks any practical application whatsoever. Sure, I learn about the theory behind our political institutions, but I have never gotten enough education on how to make a difference through those institutions. I am extremely grateful for California Common Cause’s Student Organizing Series, as it filled in these gaps.

The S.O.S. taught me a practical aspect of political organizing and leadership that you cannot learn in the classroom. I learned about organizing directly from the organizers themselves. This program was incredibly helpful to my education overall. At USC, I learned how government works, and through Common Cause, I learned how I can work through the government. I am thankful to California Common Cause for putting on this program!”