California Common Cause is devoted to ensuring that our democratic system works for us all. This means people should have widespread access to impartial information and the ability to take effective action to easily communicate with their representatives on the web.

The Open Internet — or network neutrality — is the principle of online fairness. Net neutrality promotes the free flow of information and the exchange of ideas and information that are essential to any democracy. It enables users to access the services they want — and to express themselves online — without meddling by Internet Service Providers (ISP) or those with the most money. The Internet cannot be controlled or dominated by any individuals, groups, or organization who can drown out smaller or less powerful voices.
In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission put in place strong net neutrality provisions that prohibited the creation of fast and slow lanes for access to certain Internet content. But recent changes at the FCC led the agency to reverse course in 2017, striking down those protections and once again making the Internet vulnerable to control by ISPs or other powerful interest groups.

California Common Cause supports the fight to restore strong net neutrality protections and maintain an Internet that is open, affordable and accessible to everyone.

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