Voters should choose their representatives—representatives shouldn’t choose their voters. We’re fighting to make sure that districts are based on communities, not political aspirations. 

Independent Redistricting Commissions: SB 1018 (B. Allen-  Santa Monica)

Summary:  Current law allows cities and counties, but no other local government, to set up independent commissions. SB 1018 would authorize school districts and special districts to set up independent commissions. The bill also clarifies that commissions may be used for an initial districting, makes commissions easier to adopt, and authorizes cities to contract with their county to have the county’s independent redistricting commission draw the city’s districts. Finally, SB 1018 protects best practice by prohibiting independent commissions from drawing lines to benefit or discriminate against a political party.

Status: Passed Senate Governance and Finance Committee. (as of May 7, 2018)

California Voting Rights Act Reform: SB 2123 (Cervantes- Corona)

Summary: SB 2123 would grant a 90-day extension to cities sued in California Voting Rights Act claims, so that they have more time to transition from at-large to by-district elections. It can be very difficult, in only the 90 days currently allowed by law, for a local government or civil rights or community-based organizations to identify underrepresented communities, educate them about districting and its importance, and encourage and facilitate their participation in the process. The extra 3 months will allow for greater community engagement and education in the initial districting process.

Status: Passed Assembly Elections committee to the Assembly Judiciary Committee. (as of May 7, 2018)

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