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Ethics 10.9.2018

Are political swamps in California and Washington mostly drained? This study says they are.

Kati Phillips, a spokeswoman for California Common Cause, said the index shows there’s work still to be done in the Golden State. “We’ve worked to drain the swamp in California, but we still have our share of alligators,” she said.

Money & Influence 08.13.2018

Will California Democrats be hypocrites on campaign donations?

In 2014, the California Legislature made a big deal of calling for a constitutional convention to overturn the Citizens United ruling, which allows unlimited corporate and union spending in campaigns. Now, in 2018, some legislators are pushing a bill that critics say will open the floodgates to special interest money in legislative races, as soon as the November election. It’s not only hypocritical, it’s a bad idea. Assembly Bill 84 should get a quick death before the Senate Elections Committee on Tuesday.

Money & Influence 02.14.2018

State Senator Tony Mendoza Forms Legal Defense Fund Amid Investigation Into Alleged Sexual Harassment

The practice of allowing corporate interests and labor to make unlimited contributions to help legislators with legal problems is troubling to Kathay Feng, executive director of California Common Cause.

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