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Voting & Elections 01.22.2018

Voting Rights Groups Secure Agreement for Easy DMV Registration

Millions of Californians who renew their driver’s license or state identification by mail will be able to use the renewal form to register to vote or update their voter registration starting in April of 2018.

Voting & Elections 12.20.2016

New Study on City Democracy Shows Changing Landscape

California Common Cause today published its inaugural Municipal Democracy Index. The index is a survey of the governance, election, and campaign finance practices of all 482 cities in California.


Bay Area Voters Approve Sweeping Democracy Reform Measures To Make Government More Accountable To The People

Bay area voters approved two measures to improve local government and make elected elected officials more accountable to everyday citizens.

Money & Influence 11.9.2016

California Voters Pass Sweeping Democracy Reform

California Common Cause applauds voter approval of democracy reform ballot measures statewide – 59 and 54 - and local measures

Voting & Elections 11.7.2016

Hundreds of Volunteer Attorneys and Election ObserversPreparing to Protect Voters’ Rights

California Common Cause announceds its efforts to ensure voters’ rights are protected on Election Day

Money & Influence 09.29.2016

California Takes Major Step Toward Citizen-Funded Elections

Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation to give citizens a greater voice in California’s democracy. Senate Bill 1107, by Sen. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, gives local governments and the state the choice to enact citizen-funded election programs. California Common Cause sponsored the bill with the California Clean Money Campaign.

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