We Have Waited Too Long

Gene C.

Chester, VT

Posted on 10 Jun

Our government of, by and for the people is just about dead, thanks to our intensely capitalistic American way of life. Money and greed rule. One of the primary reasons for Common Cause's existence is campaign reform and election reform. We need those desperately if we are to continue as a nation in which everyone, and not just the wealthy and well-connected, have a voice. Personally, I have just about given up hope that anything will change before it is too late and we are just another bickering world power. This goes for climate change as well. It is too late; there is nothing we can do about climate change at this point. We have waited too long. Have we waited too long for the people to recapture their power to choose government officials who care first and foremost for the good of the nation rather than their next election, their self aggrandizement and their personal prosperity? I don't know. Is another American Revolution the only way to get back what power and wealth have stolen from us? I am sorry to be negative but I think even Common Cause is like a reed blowing in the wind.


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