We are Americans

Keith A.

Las Vegas, NV

Posted on 10 Jun

First and most important. WE are not ACTIVISTS.... We are AMERICANS... The idea of America is for human beings to form a greater union to be more CIVILIZED. I am here for every cause that makes me a STEWART of AMERICA...This includes joining forces with everyone who plants trees puts up solar panels fights for unions voting rights petition signings nuclear closings tar sands pipelines...I do it all and THAT is where "WE" should ALL be concentrating. I gave GREENPEACE the idea to jump on with a petition site. A few months later. This is GREENPEACE and we have just joined with MoveOn petition site. So this is OUR VIEW....U hope it rubs off. We should do whatever we can in EVERY aspect of life to help give our future "HOPE"...Thanks Keith Augusto.


Posted by almasdar at: 02:34 AM, February 20, 2017
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