Tired of Government for Sale

Timothy A.

East Hartford, CT

Posted on 10 Jun

I joined Common Cause because I am tired of government for sale. Politicians fund their campaigns by selling legislation to those who contribute the most to their campaigns. Every election is bought and sold with more and more money spent on political re-election campaigns. Corporations have become human beings who the U.S. Supreme Court can contribute endless amounts of money to a particular candidate. Its government of the wealthy bought by the wealthy for the wealthy.


Posted by Lady at: 02:20 AM, September 21, 2017
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team, familiar with the team, exercise the strength of the team; the second is to establish a sales channel, Jiangsu and Zhejiang area we developed more than 70 Subordinate agents, we let them try to open the market first, but also familiar with competitors, customer relations, etc., all this is progressing smoothly. 2003 car sales are very hot, but I think we belong to a car maintenance and maintenance class will have a lag. Our performance at the end of 2003 has been much better than in August. For the upcoming 2004, I am well aware. 28, destination The company's actual business really is in accordance with my expected development. In January 2004, our sales have been a breakthrough, we have a little profit. February due to festivals, business than in January fell 5%. In March received a substantial growth of 30%, so we have a net profit of 40,000. I increased the incentive, my team ambition, one by one that at the end of this year than in March sales doubled. 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I am so hungry to see the Bible every day, that the text inside my quiet, stable, peace of mind. In this, I found and my heart together in love, compassion, humility and mission of mind. I further learned that I had no faith before, or to their own when the ignorance of the faith, self-righteous, arrogant and self-styled. Friends, Authentic Kids Nike Shoes maybe you Cheap Air Jordan Shoes and my faith is different, please do not dispute here is right and wrong. Perhaps only one person only experienced hard and tempered in order to close the truth Air Yeezy 2 you think. Eventually I found the destination here and also found the answer to the question. I was baptized in the church of Xujiahui and became the believer of the Cheap Nike Shoes Online Lord. After baptism, I go to church every week. I know that Xiao Cheng will become an angel, the Lord will guide me. I used to think that love is my motivation to move forward,
Posted by JAYTSE at: 03:01 AM, September 14, 2017
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Posted by solo at: 08:24 PM, September 12, 2017
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made goods named 'Kunshan' brand buffet. Next, Xie Kunshan brush teeth are gradually no longer need to help her mother or sister. He first unscrew the toothpaste cover with his mouth, with a short arm on the toothbrush tightly pressed in the basin fixed on the mouth, by shaking his head back and forth to complete the way to brush your teeth. Xie Kunshan also made a foot control of the faucet, their own bath. He Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes invented many of these appliances to solve their own problems of eating and drinking Lazarus. In the end, almost all of his daily life he can completely take care of themselves, but also often with the remnants of the short Women Free Run arm caught broom to help home cleaning. Art Road: Draw your beautiful life with your mouth Xie Kunshan after the accident, the neighbors advised his mother: 'Kunshan as long as the night market to a squat or to the temple before lying, will be able to earn a lot of money.' Poor people with severe disabilities, it seems that only begging for a way to go The Xie Kunshan did not want to listen to these words, he said: 'limbs I have lost three, do not want even the dignity of life is lost. Xie Kunshan began to seriously think about their own way of life, he decided to continue to learn their own interest - painting. However, for the children of poor people, the painting is a too extravagant hobby. Illiterate parents naturally can not understand, not to mention the home has long been because of his medical treatment owed an ass debt. Xie Kunshan had to work outside the brother occasionally give Nike Womens Heels Shoes him to buy soft drinks pocket money saved, bought pencil and white paper, ready to seriously study. No hand, get pen to become the biggest problem. Xie Kunshan to see her sister to do homework, feel that they should be able to use the mouth to write pen painting. At first, the pen between the teeth and the tongue seems to be loose the vise of the screw, how the mouth also clamp the pen, resulting in saliva DC; teeth habit, because the exercise time is too long, his mouth was pencil Blood bubbles, mouth ulcers continue. However, Xie Kunshan never give up, he just buried his head, Authentic Nike Shoes Sale a pen to seriously study the painting. He turned his mouth into his most effective hand, and his pen, became his closest friend. How did the pencil break? Xie Kunshan also thought of the way: he got a small knife, the knife handle in the big molar at the bit bite. In order to bite, he stabbed the handle. Then, he pushed the pencil to the table, and then hold the remaining right arm to hold Cheap Nike Kids Shoes Sale down, with the mouth of the blade, knife to cut the pen tip. He shouted in the heart: 'This knife is a piece of paper, Nike KD Shoes pieces are confidence. Xie Kunshan, today you not only cut out the pencil, but also the future of their own road also cut out! Xie Kunshan heard that Taiwan famous painter Mr. Wu Xuan three students in the Academy of Fine Arts, to do everything possible to find him, asked to follow the painting. Mr. Wu was touched by his sincerity, agreed to his class. Since then, Xie Kunshan dragged the body every day, turn a few times the bus, spent more than two hours rushed to school, rain or shine. The most difficult, it is difficult to open the urine problem can not be solved. He is not good trouble teacher classmates to help, one day from morning to night do not drink water, 8 hours in school urine also endured, until later Biede hematuria. 24 years old, Xie Kunshan take the initiative to move away from the parents of poor home, try to go out to live independently. In order to make up the cultural class, he practiced his mouth during the day painting, night to the evening school tuition classes in secondary school. While it is hungry to learn painting and knowledge, his right eye is blind in a collision. However, this did not stop the footsteps of Xie Kunshan forward. He is very cherish the opportunity to return to the classroom to learn, to temper their own all day long in the desk, before the easel. He sleep up to four or five hours a day, jokingly said, 'less sleep is more live.' Three years after the flash, Xie Kunshan was the best middle school in Taipei - built Cheap Nike Shoes Online in the school Womens Free Shoes admission. His painting has also made great progress, began in the international award-winning again and again, has been recognized by the people. In 1994, he created the 'golden pond' sold for NT $ 80,000; his work has been selected six times in large exhibitions, in 1997 won the International Special Arts Cheap Nike Shoes Association Visual Arts Award. Happy Help: Nothing is impossible Life, such as chess, car, horse, guns have been removed, and how to do it? Xie Kunshan said: 'Even if the war to a soldier and a soldier, I have to stick to it. Xie Kunshan's face every day hanging a bright smile, because he every day for their own happy reasons to find. Because the body did not wear prostheses, the children see him on the road, will be against the mother exclaimed: 'Mom look, he did not hand.' Young mothers often hugged the child said: 'Do not say so, otherwise people Hear this will be very sad. 'At this time, Xie Kunshan will turn to the children smile:' The children, sorry ah, my unc
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