The Name Says it All

James S.

Lafayette, IN

Posted on 10 Jun

The name says it all. The issues Common Cause champions are indeed common to all people. The most important is the effort to keep citizens, real living breathing people, at the pinnacle of our democratic process. Making sure no one is disenfranchised due lack of wealth, because of their race, or age is the essential element that will keep us free from a government taken of by a privileged few.


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cal comfort, TA get The interests and fame. China's many things, ten of nine is not the case.Dali, people return to self In Dali, they consciously become smaller, slow, weak, active retreat. They are against urbanization, industrialization, commercialization, they want to return to their hearts, return to the countryside, return to life, return to all the origin. French Laurent (Laurent Jeanneau) in 1992 for the first time to Dali, when the ancient city only two hotels, two bars, a restaurant, a massage room, two tailor shop. He had a bowl of rice noodles in the street and had a good taste, and he decided to make his trip to Dali, and after twenty years of his New Balance Scarpe career, he brought a real Western-style café to Dali. British Scott and Carl for the first time in 2003 to Dali, they regret that Dali did not really club culture, then opened a bad monkey bar, and later became Dali's hippie holy land. Scholars in the first time in 2013 to Dali, at first sight. After less than three months later, she returned again. 'There are some Zapatos Nike Shox places, once meet, will be unforgettable, people continue to want to return, want to reflect on, want to take this place as a home.' She decided to set up this Dali College, preaching mission doubts. This is Dali. Some people like its romantic, some people love its Cangshan Erhai, some people enjoy the heart of the ancient, some people are free to loose. The gods come and go in the streets, the local residents happy life as usual. The calmness of Dali is a cause. 'Generation master' in the palace two said: 'the highest state of martial arts is to see themselves, see heaven and earth and see all living beings.' In fact, what life is not it? Dali is a 'find yourself' place: here, you are high but Cangshan, and then deep, but Erhai, and then strong, but the years. Dali is a 'down' place: Dali dynasty 22 generations of the king 10 monks, Zapatos Under Armour Curry the national boat are put down, you have nothing to put? Yu Dan said: 'In front of Dali, people 's age will become smaller, return to innocence, self will become smaller. In such a man's bitterly chaos of the era, but also Dali, is really a lucky. Dali's rhythm: change is the heart, the same is Dali. Dali has two coordinates: Cangshan Erhai is geographically, the ancient city is psychological. The ancient city, the heart of Dali will not chaos. Dali ancient city, was built in the Ming Hongwu fifteen years (AD 1382), more than 700 years after repeated war completely retained so far. And Lijiang ancient city, Dali no access control, no tickets, all free access. No planning, you can complain about the construction of the ancient city of low dilapidated, slightly narrow road chaos mess, not the ancient city, but also often appear traffic congestion section. This is the beauty of Dali. To outsiders, Dali is very open: Yunnan itself has 25 ethnic minorities, Dali local religious beliefs and harmonious coexistence. Treat yourself, Dali is contented: sitting on such a feng shui treasure, rich Nike Air Max 87 / 1 products, hundreds of years without war famine. Treat the future, Dali is very calm: no matter how the world changes, Dali's rhythm can not change. Dali is sunny: only in Yunnan, only in Dali, you can see the real sunshine. This sun can not simply use bright to describe, the most UGG Guantes rosado appropriate adjective is: Zhengda bright, sun people magnanimous. Dali is beautiful: any corner of the ancient city can be seen Cangshan, the ancient city can not walk a few steps, you can reach the Erhai side. Cangshan Erhai, 'heaven and earth have a beautiful and not Timberland Roma Negozio words,' the vast landscape of hundreds of millions of years, the ancient walls of the existence of hundreds of years, can touch touch, but insurmountable. Dali is slow: the stalwarts of the mountains are naked here. The rhythm of Dali is gentle. There is no vicious and poor form here. The outsiders will not be able to adapt to the slow pace of the Dalai Lama, over time, they are assimilated, even slower than the indigenous Dali is free: for a stranger from afar, Dali is very indifferent or even indifferent, but for the deviant, this may be the warmest welcome - we will not because of your accent, nationality, color, faith or Fancy dress rejection you, you can live in the way you like. Dali and even the comrades have two bars, regardless of Bourgeois, or Bohemia, can feel at ease to do Canada Goose their own. People Road, the next section can be said to be the most Dali characteristics of the small streets, where because of secluded, cheap rent and become young piumini moncler outlet people in the art of settlement, during the day and the ancient city of ordinary street is no different In the evening, heroes of various heroes grand admission. From the Russian and Venezuelan hippies in this meet, Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet in front of the Polish jewelry shop opened in front of the Polish people to sing in front of the jewelry shop Jump again There is no limit, no urban management. There is no audience, there is no income, not important. Of course, Dali is not purely idealistic paradise. Tourists have infested the tranquility of the local people, those legends 'buy a house like to buy Durex' the same speculation room t
Posted by sasa at: 09:05 PM, September 20, 2017
Note 8 is also very likely to have two built-in speakers of the same size, this design is very cramped in the space is not Authentic Nike Air michael kors Max Shoes easy to put into the full structure, so the outside world is now no way to determine the direction of the opening of the two speakers. As for the official release date of this phone, it is estimated that may Nike Air Max Kids Shoes be released in August in New York, the starting price is expected to exceed 900 US dollars, equivalent to about 6200 yuan. Black Technology is coming Today's cheap celine bagsSamsung seems to want to speed up the progress of research called 'Galaxy S Charge +' fast charge technology before Note 8 came out. The news pointed out that this fast charge technology in the launch canada goose mens jacket can be less than 20 minutes time will Note 8 battery is full, but also need the target device equipped with Galaxy super battery cell + battery. If the news is true, then not yet large-scale popular wireless charging technology Escarpins Plateforme will soon be forgotten by consumers. Generally speaking, the wireless charging technology because of technical specifications can only be 30 minutes in the time the equipment from 0% charge to 50-60%, about an hour to the battery charge. However, last year's Samsung Sac MK Pas Cher Empire Nike Solarsoft Moccasin Mens Galaxy Note 7 bombing has made this Korean company in the equipment battery problems become all the troops. Whether the iPhone 8 poses a challenge Not long ago, the news that Samsung's internal decision Note 8 will be officially announced on August 26 in New York, which is mainly to avoid and is expected in September released a new generation of Commande pas cher Coach Drawstring iPhone frontal crash.But because Nike Womens Running Shoes of Samsung's aggressive approach and without the test of the battery component safety issues, Note 7 eventually let Samsung fall short, brand reputation has also been greatly affected.
Posted by JAYTSE at: 02:35 AM, September 20, 2017
hu made it Christian Louboutin Escarpins clear that not optimistic about the development of shared motorcycles. But the traditional electric bicycle manufacturers have another consideration, for them, the sharing of bicycles for the impact of traditional bicycle manufacturers is a big stimulus. 'The bike store operator said sales were reduced this year, and some stores turned off,' said Yu Yuefeng, managing director of Phoenix, the oldest bike manufacturer in China, who said at the Canton Fair: Some factories turned to production-sharing bicycles and pulled up Parts prices, triggering supply chain problems. 'Shared hermes bags online cycling once the fire up, the traditional electric Nike Flyknit Trainer bicycle manufacturers will face the same problem? This may be the biggest concern behind the traditional manufacturers to share the share of motorcycles. However, in the case of higher costs, the future if the share of motorcycles, like sharing bicycles, into the laying stage, then the traditional electric bicycle manufacturers financial strength is clearly not enough to support the large-scale production and delivery of motorcycles. Pure capital market hesitation, may become a share of motorcycles a drastic type of uncertainty. Share cycling vs share motorcycles capital frenzy can copy? From sharing bicycles to sharing motorcycles, the word is blocking the billions of financing. Capital hesitated behind, what hidden the two shared products which gap? In the next article, I will from the demand, price, cost, operation and risk of five aspects, for you to dismantle the share of motorcycles pain. 1, demand positioning The purpose of sharing the bike is to solve the subway / bus station tothe destination of the last few kilometers of travel needs, but then it was found that more than 3 km 10 km trip ride too tired, is still a pain point, and share Motorcycles Coach Drawstring Madison Des sacs to solve this is the short-distance travel needs. It seems that sharing a motorcycle seems to be a market share with a shared cycling side by side. But fine up, the two products in their respective market segments are different. With walking, sharing motorcycles, bus, rental and other travel methods compared to 3 km below the scene, sharing the bike with cheap and fast, almost in a perfect position. And 3-10 km of market segments are different, remote distance may be bus, subway replacement, the distance is shared bicycle is also possible to replace, in general, Montre Michael Kors Pas Cher this market segment is not exclusive share of motorcycles. 2. Price / deposit Currently shared motorcycles are mainly based on mileage billing and billing by michael kors time two, such as the 7 motorcycles is charged by mileage, and like 'Meng Xiao Ming', 'mango motorcycle' is based on time Billing. We take the 7 motorcycles, Meng Xiaoming and Matthew Lite as an example, the time by 20 km / h cycling, cycling speed of 15 km / h converted into kilometers, will share the price of motorcycles and shared bicycles / A comparison: can be seen, regardless of the length of travel distance, sharing the cost of motorcycles is always higher than the shared bicycle, plus part of the shared motorcycles there are overtime charges and non-fixed point also fares, sharing motorcycles travel costs will Far higher than sharing bicycles. (Sharing of motorcycles specific charges and experience, you can refer to our previous articles, 'shared motorcycles to reproduce the streets, sharing the bike to tremble it?') 3. Cost from the Cheap Nike Dunk SB Mens Shoes public information, The cost of about Canada Goose Chilliwack 3,000 yuan, the second generation Mobile Lite down to thousand dollars, ofo announced the cost of a single car is only 200 yuan. Motorcycle, the deer bike cost is 2,000 yuan, rented for the 3,000 yuan. 4. Operating costs and sharing of bicycles, motorcycles, the biggest operational difficulty lies in charging, for the scattered parking of motorcycles one by one charging costs are extremely high. So the charging infrastructure has not yet widely popular case, the current sharing of motorcycles is the main solution is fixed point of the car. Fixed-point car also solve the motorcycle cycle to bring the difficulty of scheduling. Second, because the cost of manufacturing a motorcycle is higher, the number of flights will be less Nike Mens Shoes Outlet than that of a shared bicycle, so it will test the accuracy of the project side. Share the motorcycle cycling brand CEO Li Qingyun also said that the high cost of operation and maintenance, in the cost of all the motorcycles, operation and maintenance costs accounted for 50%. 5. Risk theft, scrapping, depreciation problems, will be reflected in the sharing of motorcycles more obvious. As the Cheap Nike Shoes cost is significantly higher than the shared bicycle, shared motorcycles once the large-scale spread, the loss will be exponential growth. In addition, because the value of a single car, sharing motorcycles, especially the battery part, easier to become a thief to start the target. At this point, the opportunity to share motorcycles and pain points have been clear at a glance. As to whether the shared motorbike market can boil like a shared bicycle, it is necessary to wait for policy changes and capital enthusiasm.China 'artificial sun' revolut
Posted by JAYTSE at: 02:45 AM, September 14, 2017
the people inside, five years, the performance of the glass has left a deep impression. When his fast food restaurant developed into the corner of Authentic Nike Shoes Sale the city and had more than ten million dollars, the man who knew him said with emotion: 'The boss had wiped the glass for five years. A reporter interviewed him and asked him how to start a fast food restaurant from a wiping glass and stand out among the many strong competitors. He only said: 'Because I have rubbed the glass for five years, and polished very well!Can not control the fate, to control the heart We try to control the fate of the end is always the fate of tease; we try to explore life, in the end but found that life is like a dream; we try to publicity personality, in the end but often group assimilation. 'Life unhappy, ten out of nine', since can not control the fate, we go with the flow, find the inner self, do not lose yourself, to the inner peace! Life is simple, happy will be a little longer. To know how to forget. The greatest pain of life from the pursuit of perfection, you know, the real light is not without dark moments, but never submerged for the darkness. Our life is the same, endured pain run, with tears smile, this is the real life. To know how to give up. Life is like a play, everyone is the only director of his life, only know how to give up people can thoroughly understand life, laughing at life, always have a good mood. 'Willing to be willing', there are homes only have. To know how to appreciate. Look at people and things with appreciation, we will be more happy. In fact, everyone has advantages, but also have shortcomings. Why should we take a magnifying glass to see people, without the telescope to enjoy it? The passage of time, the tedious Women Air Max 2015 LG life, many of the reality is not easy to give people more and more pressure, no stop the taste of leisure, less meditation meditation. A person's emotions affected by the environment, it is normal, only the heart of the sun who can feel the reality of the sun, happiness is a way of life, happiness is a mood. Do not put yourself in the sorrow of the thick cocoon, beautify life, enjoy life, life everywhere will have a beautiful landscape. Nike Free Run 3 5.0 We can not escape every plain day, can not avoid the Cheap Nike Shoes Sale dreary day running account as busy. Everyone has his own living law, as long as he can find himself, and in the body and mind to maintain their own, and ultimately beyond the self, even if no one cheers will be harvested. Live out of the ordinary real oneself. Life is alive, laugh is a chic, cry is also a chic, as long as from the heart, will be hearty dripping. In this complex society we have to learn to become frightened, do not let yourself lost the direction, sad and wronged when the Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes crying Crying wash your face and squeeze out a smile to yourself. Give yourself a big future and goal. Remember often look up at the sky, but do not forget to look at the sky when you look at the foot. Ordinary Nike Lebron hyperdunk 2013 days of interpretation of ordinary people, although ordinary people as long as the effort can affect the world, but do not deliberately to pursue what, with their own good quality and happy mood, to do real and ordinary oneself. This day have thoughts and thoughts, accompanied by happy, can be described as unrestrained, you will be proud of this, feel comfortable, but also live a real relaxed and safe.We are all ordinary people, every day in the hurry to walk through the crowd in the noisy hustle and bustle of the environment busy. We are eager to get relaxed release in the exhausted, in the quiet of the night, for their inexplicable loneliness to find a calm reason, we even look forward to their own flat life can be longing for a long time, fantasy with their own mediocre Ability to create extraordinary results. We are kept praying for our hearts, because only the soul of the relentless and satisfied, can make us feel the meaning of happiness of people alive.No swim bladder fish There is a young man, because the family did not read how many books, he went to the city, looking for a job. But he found no one in the city to see him.When he decided to leave the city, he wrote a letter to the then famous banker Ross, complaining about the fate of his injustice .The letter sent out, he has been waiting in the hotel, a few days later, he ran out of the last penny, but also to pack the bag.At this time, the landlord said he had a letter, written by banker Ross. In the letter, Rose did not sympathize with his experience, but in the letter to tell him a story: In the vast ocean of life with a lot of fish.The fishworm produces buoyancy so that the fish in the rest state, the free control of the body in a water layer.In addition, the swim bladder can also produce enough space in the abdominal cavity to protect its internal organs, to avoid excessive pressure, visceral damage.Therefore, it can be said that the swim bladder of the fish life and death.Can have a kind of fish is shocked the world of heterogeneous, it is born no swim bladder! And the exception is that it has been in the dinosaurs before the emergence of the previous 300 million
Posted by solo at: 07:49 PM, September 12, 2017
The second day the car did not Cheap Nike Shoes Online lose, and more than two locks and a piece of paper, read: let you ride! The boy finally summoned the courage Nike Free Run +3 to ask the beloved girl: 'like what kind of boy?', 'Throwing the edge', ask the answer or the same, the boy sadly cried: 'head flat a little? Uncle: 'Do you understand music?'Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes John: 'Of course,' Uncle, 'What do you say, what is the girl playing now?' John: 'The piano. Teacher asked Xiao Ming; you did not Women Free Run test the test, then your parents how Authentic Men's Nike Shoes to punish you?
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