Organizing for Political Change

Eduardo D.

Nogales, AZ

Posted on 10 Jun

I am a 74 yrs. Senior, Retiree, 4th Generation Chicano-Hispanic, who represented the AZ Hispanic Community Forum in Phoenix (90's), and was assigned representation on the Common Cause Board. I am also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in Ecuador & Peru South America; but while working for the University of New Mexico in the early 70's I learned from my supervisor the CC was a very good organization to become involved with for political change needed in our Community. So when I had the opportunity in AZ to become involved in CC, I jumped at the opportunity. During this time I was fortunate to be nominated to serve as Chairman for 2 Yrs. Since my retirement I have been involved with AZ Democratic Party in CD-3 & LD-2, and I am the current Chairman for the Santa Cruz County Democratic Party for my 3rd. term. Our AZ Redistricting Commission heeded our proposal for our CD-3 & Ld-2 designations for both Congressional & Legislative status for which we argued to gain our County position in a positive and constructive manner. I am now actively involved in Voter registration and GOTV for SOAZ, for the past 10 yrs. of retirement.


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ature supply chain platform resources , From the central city, satellite city to the county go hand in hand, plans within two years nationwide coverage of more than 1,000 service outlets. Up to now, Kangzhong Auto Parts in the national layout of the 15 regional center Okura, more Christian Louboutin Escarpins than 300 direct service outlets, with more than 2,100 employees, the terminal repair shop every day more than 10,000 orders, 50 million commodity transactions across the scale , Has a strong profitability. A total of nearly 80,000 kinds of normal maintenance parts and components will be carried out in the future. The future will continue to expand the maintenance and fragile parts and components within 200,000 kilometers to form a full range of all-vehicle supply system. 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Posted by JAYTSE at: 03:04 AM, September 14, 2017
this love word, today I realized the broader and more ambitious significance. It has become my mission. 29, doubt In January 2005, I was near Xujiahui, Caoxi roadside piece of large open space to stop the car out of the time, suddenly accidentally found Yun and her boyfriend - now should be a husband it, because they Holding a 2-year-old child. They apparently also found me, but obviously both sides are wrong. I first say hello, smiled and said, this is your child ah? it's beautiful! The atmosphere between us is in harmony. In the conversation I learned that they married at the end of 2001, at the end of 2002 with this lovely daughter. Their life is good, buy a car to buy a house is also a matter of 2004. I sincerely wish them. They asked me about the situation, I told them, and I got their blessings. We also have an appointment for dinner next time. I used to think that if I saw again, I would never keep calm, and even I did not know how to see her. 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If I implement the 'rebirth' program, after the completion of 100% if the effect, I can recover the cost of 9 to 10 months, the company then there should be greater development. If you play 70% of the effect, I can recover the cost of 15 to 18 months. If you play the effect of less than 50%, that is failure. But the struggle of this kind of thing has entered my blood, into my genes. I really can not tolerate myself to do Nike Air Max 2013 V Mens nothing and lose this opportunity to become the first few in my field. Mainly for small, for me, for all my friends and family, and my staff, I decided to let go of a Bo. I bought the commercial housing (now has prices, and reached 1.5 million) and the car made a second mortgage, loan 1.2 million funds, so I have the hands of the funds have 3 million. December 21, 2004 at 11 o'clock, I finally completed the 170,000 words of the detailed 'rebirth plan' planning Authentic Kids Nike Shoes report. I have not forgotten this day and I have to finish this report on that day. In the middle of the night I drove down from the main road, to the site of the shop before me and the small shop - she was here and fell in love with me. Here all the past and present, no longer see the roadside temporary room, and all are wide roads and sidewalks, no one will care about what happened here. I stopped and got off to catch a cigarette by the car. Looked at the sky half full of the moon, I clearly saw Xiao Cheng Yan Yan smile. I laughed, but my face was full of tears. Friends, my years of struggle in Shanghai - is it over? No, my heart knows that everything is just beginning! 30, experience (finale) Here is my Cheap Nike Shoes Sale own sentiment and my experience, the right to do reference: 1, life is the investment and income of life. 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Posted by JAYTSE at: 03:02 AM, September 14, 2017
ent than after 70 improved, but in the education after 80 parents spend time may not be on the 70 after. With 90 after even more than the 90 after the fight has a successful father and mother, what they want what ah, sent the sun and the moon gave off. But we firmly believe that after you out of 70, 90 after you still tender point, we are just 80 after the benefits. 80 after the love, in my impression, after 80 than 70 after opening more than 70 bold, Buzhi Yu too shy not express it. If it is more than 90 after it, we are less inferior, no they so explicit, without them so frequent for the object, without their non-mainstream, not too much money transactions and promiscuity. We are 80 after the thick like and a touch of love. 80 after the work, it is not easy to find. 70 after the people do not have too many job opportunities can choose, so Buzhi Yu high not low not on. 80 after us, there are many jobs, but to find a good job is not good to find. Often to work, but also to listen to a 90 after the sent, really funny ah. 90 after they have some people did not finish junior high school to go to school, and went to work, mixed with mixed, than we have just graduated from the 80 after the good We have no experience, there are shelves; we have no technology, but there are temper. I personally feel that we really like to learn after 90, or we will be in a high not low position, with Chaozhou words - do salt is not salty, do vinegar is not sour. Let go of your posture, just graduated without experience after 80 80 Cheap Air Jordan Shoes after the married, do not know if we have not found, there is a strange phenomenon ah 70 after most of the married, 80 after the part of the marriage, and that part of the marriage is 80-83 there are 87-89, the strange thing is 84-86 married less. 80 after we have too many lefto women left, whether we really should put down those who disguise to love one, to get married? We always think that material conditions are not very mature so that marriage is a bit early, we always feel that after marriage, the burden is too heavy, and would like to play for two years. We always look polarized, brothers and sisters we should not look back to their own ah Perhaps we should put down all the shackles, boldly to love one. There will always be bread, but not the kind of never eaten. Bungalows and cars we can also have, but not necessarily now Oh In fact, I personally think that we are 80, in the present stage is very advantageous. We should make good use of these advantages, even if we can not get a good hand, we have to play to force a little Oh.When you get a slippery hand, sometimes really want to play, but our life is still going to go. So we should know how to use our hands of the card, try to lose their own less, more is to win, to win the righteousness.Life is like playing cards - bad Nike Free 3.0 V5 cards have to play a good result Oh, hope that after 70 or 80 or 90, we have to force, no matter what brand to play a good result.Boil the wisdom of a pot of water A young man is full of trouble to find a wise man, after graduating from college, he has set a lot of goals for their own, but a few years down, still nothing.When he found the wise man, the wise man was studying in the river house. The wise man smiled and listened to the young man 's talk and said to him, 'Come, you will help me boil water!Young people see the corner stood a great kettle, next to a small stove, but did not find the firewood, so they went out to find.He picked up some dead branches back, filled with a pot of water, on the stove, put some firewood in the stove burned up, but because the pot is too big, that bundle of wood burned, the water did not open. So he ran out to continue to find the wood, when the pot was back to the water has been almost cool. This time he learned to be smart, not eager to ignite, but went out to find some firewood, because the firewood prepared enough, the water will soon boil. The wise man suddenly asked him, 'If you do not have enough wood, how can you boil water?'Youth thought for a while, shook his head.The wise man said, 'If so, put the water in the kettle off!'The young man nodded thoughtfully.The wise man went on to say, 'You are beginning to be complacent and set too many goals, just as the pot is too much water, and you do not have enough wood, so you can not boil water, You or pour some water, or go ahead to prepare the firewood! Young people suddenly realized. After returning, he removed many of the goals listed in the plan, leaving only the last few, while using Cheap Nike Shoes Sale spare time Authentic Men's Nike Shoes to learn a variety of professional knowledge. A few years later, his goals are basically achieved.Only the Air Jordan Kids deletion of simple, from the recent goal, will be a step by step to success. Everything is hanging, only halfway. In addition, we only continue to pick up the 'firewood' in order to make life constantly heating, and Nike Free Run +3 ultimately let life boil up.Love to win will win People are not born to be defeated. But each of us, and somewhere destined to avoid failing. We do not complain about their talent as others, because most of us are the same. We are very common
Posted by solo at: 07:49 PM, September 12, 2017
The second day the car did not Cheap Nike Shoes Online lose, and more than two locks and a piece of paper, read: let you ride! The boy finally summoned the courage Nike Free Run +3 to ask the beloved girl: 'like what kind of boy?', 'Throwing the edge', ask the answer or the same, the boy sadly cried: 'head flat a little? Uncle: 'Do you understand music?'Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes John: 'Of course,' Uncle, 'What do you say, what is the girl playing now?' John: 'The piano. Teacher asked Xiao Ming; you did not Women Free Run test the test, then your parents how Authentic Men's Nike Shoes to punish you?
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le came out today, forget to bring out his hand. Xie Kunshan never taboo to talk about their own body, and never hiding in the room doing nothing. He with a grateful heart, as much as possible to help others. No matter how busy, he must take at least one day a month to the Tzu Chi Hospital volunteer, take care of those most desperate people. A female patient in a sudden gas explosion lost Nike Lunar Mens her husband, she himself Cheap Nike Shoes is also severe burns, the original beautiful faces become ferocious horror. Gengrang her pain is that in the past often in their side spoiled 8-year-old daughter, and now met her scared wah-wah cry, no longer close to. Listen to her Nike Kevin Durant Shoes story, Xie Kunshan said: 'You do not love yourself.' See the woman puzzled look, he went on to say: 'If this accident is not happening to you, but in your daughter, you may not Willing to replace her to bear this pain? 'Female patient nodded:' I am willing! I am absolutely willing! ' Xie Kunshan said: 'I absolutely believe that you are willing to please look Air Jordan 11 Kids back, at the moment standing behind your mother.' Female patient behind, is her hair to the old mother tears burst out of the eye. 'Your mother is not willing to replace you suffering from this pain? But she can?' Mother and daughter no longer could not help, tears like a burst like spewing out, crying into a ball. Xie Kunshan then see the female patient, she has been like a person, his face with a smile and look, but also willing to work with him, with her still sweet song to encourage other patients. Xie Kunshan know that she has put down the 'burden', but also understand the truth: no matter what you encounter, in fact, we Authentic Nike Mens Shoes For Sale have more than never lost more! Xie Kunshan tenacity, optimism and enthusiasm touched a young and beautiful girl, she called Lin is also true. In 1987, the two of them entered the marriage hall. Now that their two daughters are already teens, someone asked Xie Kunshan: 'If you have a pair of healthy hands, what do you want to do with it?' He smiled and said, 'I will hold my wife in my left hand, my right hand Holding two daughters, together with a good way of life. Now, Xie Kunshan in addition to painting, from time to time invited to schools, communities and even prison duty speech, to encourage more people to raise the sailing of life. 'The disability never hinders me from becoming a free man,' he said, 'and my sleeves might be empty, but I still have a happy life!'Out of the haze After the storm, there will always be a rainbow; and after the haze, always sunny days, life is so, the dilemma is terrible, we can not change the dilemma, but we can change ourselves, with the light of the light of the light, Road, after Cheap Nike Shoes Online the dark will be a bright day, to maintain a tough heart, we will be out of the woods, out of the haze. Our life unknowingly caught in a situation, constantly betting on their own fate, betting their own confidence, gambling their gains and losses, and even bet on their own happiness. Gambling win, and laugh, the day the wind light and light. Blocking the loss, tears bubble, suffering over a period of sadness of the pain time; even if the pain, there is always wound healing time. This world, people are the most beloved creatures, in a second tempering gradually become strong, from the fragile grass, transformed into towering trees. Should be grateful to those who hurt us, is their cruelty so that we become so strong, let us accumulate the power of survival; also thanks to the fate of the ups and downs, so that we cherish the life of more ownership. Life is just a few tens of years, born days, why suffer for their own. Is my I will cherish, not my not going to force. Full Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes of confidence, time has never been turning, not because we encountered the twists and turns and sound of sigh and stopped; when the time in the vitality of reproduction, the spring will be crossing the world every corner, no one Will not be separated from the door of the season. Remove the heavy baggage, carry it forward! Waved and used to do an indifferent farewell! Do not have to go back Authentic Nike Shoes Sale frequently. Let us in this warm season sow the seeds of hope, Enron waiting for the harvest of happiness. In love, affection, friendship, we are so sincere and sincere, always unswerving emotions will always accompany the side. The face of some inevitable gains and losses, not the result of our decision on the wrong, already so, do not want to ask who is wrong. Experienced more, we will gradually find that in fact far more than their own imagination in the strong, out of a haze Mens Nike Air Max Shoes of the time, farewell to the old numerous, looked up at the clear sky, the day was light and light, still calm. Life for me to close a door, we will open a window for us. Not for the bustling gorgeous, only for the loneliness of the Qingping, only for each other's intentions of the business, will have the share of sincere understanding. Poke the heart of the messy mess, all no one can bear for us, only our own. We can not escape, only to actively face, to the edge, with the most correct way to solve, will get the end of the event, so that we can not get into trouble, Of

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