I Got Angry

Jonathan L.

Honolulu, HI

Posted on 10 Jun

In a nutshell, I got angry. It was due to the obvious corrupting influence of big money over our elections in Hawaii. I began attending a monthly series of informative meetups featuring folks who had been paying attention to the legislative process and the ethics (or lack thereof) of our politicians. These meetups. called "Democracy Under the Influence (of money, aka DUI) were organized in part by Common Cause Hawaii. When those ended, I wanted to contribute to Common Cause with my time since I can't afford much financially. Also, I was particularly impressed by the upcoming generation of young people who were determined to try to take back our democratic process locally, including the smart (and incidentally, really good looking!) executive director of Common Cause Hawaii. I figured, if not me, who? I was also motivated by my involvement in elections as a Voter Assistance Official at our polling sites. I noticed a very large frustration on the part of (especially) young voters with the difficulty of registering to vote and getting informed so as to make carefully considered choices rather than basing their votes on name recognition, which was obviously influenced by the money spent on political advertising blitzes. I have time (compared to many) and I want to invest it in local action. I feel like it is time well spent in making the place I live a better place for the regular people.


Posted by JAYTSE at: 02:39 AM, September 20, 2017
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eep, please lift up looking at the vast blue sky and ethereal, and then back to God confused, sad still? Belong to each of the lofty is our ideal and pregnant, and belong to each person's small is our small body and short life; belongs to our temporary is a stage of the difficulties and confusion, and belongs to our eternal is the experience And memory, do not let us each have meaning, to our small body to live out the lofty life, with our short pain cast eternal memory. The realm of life is so beautiful, like flowers, rainbow and stars. This realm Nike Free 3.0 V4 only belongs to our sensitive mind, it is a kind of existence; more often is an experience; like flowers, moonlight and fresh air, infection, filled in the journey of life. The face of the rain and rain, the face of the green leaves of the summer, in the face of the fruitful autumn, the face of snow flying pure winter, with the feeling to experience the Promise of the environment. How will this world change? 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Posted by kiki at: 03:49 AM, September 12, 2017
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ar, but you now have, that is what you really want to cherish, do not mind On the pursuit of those things that nothing, it is just a dream you have done, no one knows, wake up, nothing gone. If you want to be a dreamer, then use your own efforts to prove it!You can cry, but please do not give up;You can fall, but do not climb; You can fail, but do not be depressed.How can the road on the dream of stumbling, Authentic Nike Air Shox Mens dream of the road and how Cheap Nike Shoes Online can smooth sailing? 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