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Nelson S.

Canton, MI

Posted on 10 Jun

Working families need a voice to counter act the inherent power of greedy billionaires that are not concerned about having enough money but rather are concerned that someone else may have more. Also, Citizens United has to be overturned while we still have a country. The march towards a corporate fascist state must stop. The need to overturn Citizens United is what lead me to Common Cause. I think Robert Reich is the voice of reason and common sense in America today.


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t.I have been hospitalized countless times and have undergone two major operations. So, I am afraid of pain. Afraid of surgery after the kind of anesthetic can not shout out, can not call out the pain. However, even if that pain, I do not want to give up their lives. Maybe my life is already dying and I do not give up.In 1993, I was born in an ordinary family, the original family because of the 'patriarchal' four words, I became Air Jordan 6 Retro a single-parent family of children, with the mentally retarded father and old grandparents living, so , From childhood I will know 'ridicule' behind the meaning. I am a quiet girl, I put all the ideas are hidden in the bottom of my heart, the face of the students ridicule, I always can laugh, but who can know, laugh is behind the courage. So, I never easily cry, even by the big grievances, I can calmly face.Nine years old, the first time sick, turn again and again the hospital, only to determine my disease is 'suppurative arthritis.'At the age of fifteen, the second time sick, turn the two homes, in the county orthopedic hospital experienced the first time in my life a relatively large operation - 'osteomyelitis window drainage surgery.'Twenty years old, the third time sick, turn the two homes, precisely because the hospital in the big city without acquaintances, no beds, the hospital euphemism 'catch' out. I remember when a doctor at the professor level said a word, facing my mother said: 'Even if you kneel down to ask me today, your daughter can not live in', then went to other hospitals, experienced The second operation of my life - 'osteomyelitis window drainage surgery.' 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Even if I was an island.Now, I am a sophomore student, even if the memory of the past is so much so that I am uncomfortable, I still actively face my current life, I understand that live in the past does not make sense, live in Authentic Women's Nike Shoes the future does not make sense , Only live now is the most real.I may not be a very good student, but it is always a very practical student; I may not be a very outstanding student , But also always a unique student. Sometimes, in the face of shortcomings to accept themselves, in front of the merits of their own, so that life can have the power to be more positive in the face of life.Once, grandmother told me, let me good man, not only in front of their own sincere, in front of others have to be sincere, so I keep in mind the grandmother's 'good man'.Once, grandfather told me, let me do good work, not only their own serious, for others to seriously, so I remember the grandfather's 'good work.'Once, I am mentally retarded, the great father told me, let me live well, live in peace, healthy and healthy alive. Let me live meaningful. So, when I read the book, every time part-time tired to stand up, I remember my father's 'live meaningful', when I was sick when the hospital, every time the pain came alive, I Are remember his father's 'live out of their own'. Live well. People have a lot of this life is incomplete, I am not in pursuit of perfection and alive, I was to make up for the incomplete and better alive. For oneself, for the father, but also for a lot of people who care about me.People in this life will always encounter a lot of unhappy, I was not to escape and alive, I was in order Cheap Air Jordan Shoes to face and live better.This life is always the fate of the work to get, again and again, again and again, I was not to live and live, I was to adhere to, for the faith, in order to dream and better alive.Even once once dying, and now, the clouds scattered, wind and rain subsided, everything is a new beginning, even if lif
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ic requirements, but also responsible for their own performance. Everyone who lives in this world, no matter what time, no matter what happens to be kind to yourself. 38. Do not waste valuable time How much money we can not buy for a moment, there is nothing more precious in this world than time. We can not stay time, but we can cherish the time. To cherish the time, the most important thing is to use the time reasonably and effectively. We should cherish the time of this concept deeply rooted, wasted every day. 39. Use self-hint to change yourself Do not let the negative self-implied control of their own, to use a positive self-hint to change their own. The repetition of positive self-hints allows us to use some of the more aggressive ideas and concepts to repla40. Do you have the courage to show yourself Expression of desire is to consciously show others their talent, knowledge, achievement of desire. 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