A Threat to Democracy Itself

Clyde W.

Grafton, WI

Posted on 10 Jun

I closely followed the developing crass story of Watergate and began comprehending the how and the why of legalized bribery, the corruption of government in the USA, and the myth of democracy. At that time, a much older friend of mine, who was a combat infantry veteran of WWII, told me that the youthful rebels of America were the only people acting with integrity to establish democracy, and they represented our only hope for the future. As a veteran of the famed Tenth Mountain Division, he was a life member of the Sierra Club, and he joined Common Cause without hesitation when it started. I am also an infantry veteran - much younger than my friend - and I have tried to learn from his example.

I have since come to realize that we are, today, facing the most ominous threat to democracy that has ever been faced in human history, and that we are simultaneously facing the most ominous threat to the sustainability of life as we know it on planet Earth, that human-kind has ever previously faced.

The threat to democracy is presented by the usurpation by corporate power of the sovereignty and the inalienable rights of the people. We do not have government that is of, by, and for the people. Instead, we have government that is by and for the corporations and the super-rich. In the USA, both permitted political parties, and all three branches of government, at both state and federal levels, are now controlled by corporations and the super-rich.

The threat to the sustainability of life as we have known it in our world is presented by the massive scale of the mechanized reversal of the geologic and biologic processes that converted our world about a billion years ago from a toxic, corrosive planet that was unable to support multi-cellular life forms, to the beautiful, nurturing green and blue world we love and need, with a free oxygen atmosphere and abundant non-acid pure liquid water, above, below and on the surface crust. This catastrophic human-caused reversal of those life enabling natural processes has become unmistakably evident with the belated recent recognition of global warming due to the production and release of greenhouse gases.

These two looming concurrent threats to both self-governance, and to life as we know it, are inextricably and closely related. Human beings cannot save life as we know it in our world unless we wrest sovereignty and our inalienable rights away from corporate plutocratic power and control.

It is not enough to merely make our voices heard in the political process. We must end corporate control. We the people must control the political process.


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