A Need for Leadership

Jason L.

Fargo, ND

Posted on 10 Jun

Most politicians work for the 1%. They are bought and paid for by the 1%. They therefore do not represent the best interests of our country. I believe government is a very necessary and good thing, but our government has no real leadership. It is run by people who, for the most part, look out only for themselves and not for the common good of all. I feel we are a declining democracy. If we are indeed still a democracy.


Posted by JAYTSE at: 02:21 AM, September 20, 2017
sung would like to be more conservative in the battery to avoid last year's Note 7 The explosion was repeated. Note 8 is also very likely to have two built-in speakers of the same size, this design is very cramped in the space is not Authentic Nike Air michael kors Max Shoes easy to put into the full structure, so the outside world is now no way to determine the direction of the opening of the two speakers. As for everyone is very concerned about the location of the fingerprint identification module, had previously pointed out that the screen can not be achieved in the S8 to unlock the screen will become a reality on Note 8, but now it seems that the hope is shattered. Because, according to Samsung insiders, because the relevant technology is not yet mature, this year Note 8 will not screen fingerprint recognition, but with the same S8 rear fingerprint identification module. At the same time, there have been news that Vivo will be at the Shanghai MWC show this month to showcase the new fingerprint unlock technology, and most likely is the much anticipated optical screen fingerprints to unlock. In contrast, Samsung fingerprints seem to have lost to the domestic manufacturers. It is reported that Samsung Note 8 body color will be black, blue, gold three color. As for the official release date of this phone, it is estimated that may Nike Air Max Kids Shoes be released in August in New York, the starting price is expected to exceed 900 US dollars, equivalent to about 6200 yuan. Black Technology is coming Today's Samsung seems to want to speed up the progress of research called 'Galaxy S Charge +' fast charge technology before Note 8 came out. The news pointed out that this fast charge technology in the launch canada goose mens jacket can be less than 20 minutes time will Note 8 battery is full, but also need the target device equipped with Galaxy super battery cell + battery. If the news is true, then not yet large-scale popular wireless charging technology Escarpins Plateforme will soon be forgotten by consumers. Generally speaking, the wireless charging technology because of technical specifications can only be 30 minutes in the time the equipment from 0% charge to 50-60%, about an hour to the battery charge. Taking into account the upcoming Samsung Note 8 will have ultra-high resolution screen and powerful processor this point, Samsung vigorously research and development 'GalaxyS Charge +' fast charge technology is excusable. In addition to the 'Galaxy S Charge +' fast charge technology, since the internal flow out of the PPT content also appeared in a 'SmartDischarge' software features. The main job of this feature is to automatically optimize the battery discharge logic of the device to maximize battery life and efficiency. However, last year's Samsung Sac MK Pas Cher Empire Nike Solarsoft Moccasin Mens Galaxy Note 7 bombing has made this Korean company in the equipment battery problems become all the troops. Therefore, we can not determine whether this is still in the development stage of the 'Galaxy S Charge +' fast charge technology and 'SmartDischarge' will appear in this year's Galaxy Note 8 series. Whether the iPhone 8 poses a challenge Not long ago, the news that Samsung's internal decision Note 8 will be officially announced on August 26 in New York, which is mainly to avoid and is expected in September released a new generation of Commande pas cher Coach Drawstring iPhone frontal crash. This release date is longer than the iPhone 8 in the morning, but the morning does not mean that the first step. Recall 2016, Samsung in order to attack the powerful iPhone 7 and early release Note 7, when the sale naturally caused a great sensation. But because Nike Womens Running Shoes of Samsung's aggressive approach and without the test of the battery component safety issues, Note 7 eventually let Samsung fall short, brand reputation has also been greatly affected. It is puzzling that even if this Samsung almost overwhelming products, and now Samsung will have to refurbish and then sell. Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 was renamed Galaxy Note FE ('FE' means 'fan version'), will be listed in South Korea next month. Samsung said Galaxy Note FE will use a more secure battery, priced at about 700,000 won (about 4150 yuan). And it is foreseeable that the product will be a large part of the flow into emerging markets. And once again any problems, Samsung is tantamount to pick up the stone hit his feet. But for Samsung, a very favorable news is that the company has always been one of Apple's most important suppliers. Earlier this year, Samsung signed a big order with Apple, which will provide more than $ 4 billion in OLED panels, and the first application of this panel is the iPhone 8 this year. If you add $ 100 million order last April, Apple will accumulate more than 160 million OLED display components from Samsung. In order to meet Apple's needs, Samsung has also set up a new OLED manufacturing plant to meet the growing orders, and now Samsung has three local production plants in Korea. cheap celine bags Assuming the above 160 million OLED components of the argument is accurate, then basically Samsung has assumed the future iPhone 8 production in about 80% of the display supply work. But the latest news shows that the iPhone 8 before the official release of Samsung can
Posted by Malini at: 01:43 AM, September 19, 2017
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cess on the road need to continue to learn. We all know that the great success is a lifelong learner, great success is a great suffering, this argument reflects the importance of learning, most people in society are passive learners, forced to think of learning. We have also heard that the knowledge learned in school is only 5% of the whole life knowledge is less than, more knowledge comes from the study after entering the community. 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I believe that there is a return on how to pay, but know how to pay the right people. Delegate to fish, as delegated to fishing. Many people are keen to give or pay, but this gives no help to those who need help. The poor are poor, not you give them a sum of money can be resolved, you should teach him how to try to change his status quo. The poor are poor because he did not get the means to get rich. Pay and give only to solve the temporary needs, to guide the poor to embark on the path of poverty, can really rich. Six, the success of the need to target the road but know the direction of the small There is a thing, some people do not have a lifetime, once you have it, you will never retreat, the immediate difficulties are simply minimal Now people do not have. What is this in the end? Some people say that is a dream, some people say that life goals, not, is higher than this thing, you can call him faith, you can call his mission. 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Success, perhaps still very far away, but such a way of life enough to make their own wonderful.Growth, is constantly struggling and tossing She, driving millions of Maserati in Zhongzhou Road Mercedes-Benz, bank loans have a million, struggling on the edge of life and death.She, every day to open BYD to get off work, but still for hundreds of thousands of mortgage worries, living in the aquatic hot. She squeezed 9 bus every day from the old city to Jianxi, there are hundreds of thousands of deposits, but the life of the confusion.Three people met on the road, squeeze the bus is very envious of the opening of BYD, open BYD and very envious of the opening of Maserati. And open the Maserati and very envious of crowded bus.You see, is the surface of others bright, can not see the bitterness behind them. Everyone is envious of others, but do not know that others are in the same way envy you.Cats like fish, cat can not swim.Fish like to eat earthworms, fish can not go ashore.God gave you a lot of temptations, but not let you easily get.Life is like Xiyuan Road, Mao Xu, seemingly free, but the wind waves, involuntarily.Can be very t
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