A Level Playing Field

Bruce E.

Mena, AR

Posted on 10 Jun

I started out as a carpenter and later worked 30 years at Sheffield Steel, Sand Springs Ok. Now retired and 82 years old. I support the little guy and a level playing field.


Posted by dd at: 01:40 AM, October 12, 2017
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for people to save their lives, we pay tribute to Nike Air max them. This clean up a few days, I travel a tour Lujiang Avenue, the cart pulled the garbage out of the island, ring road, are finishing cleaning. The people of Xiamen are lovely and their spiritual strength is respectable after the death of Morandi. Xiamen, you have a lovely people, they are deeply in love with you, for your Xiamen glory, beautiful, paid a hard, sunshine, Xiamen City, you are also brilliant, busy, or a spring, melting spring.'Yue opera' - I want to talk to you in love Everyone has their own hobbies, or chess, or climbing, or fishing, or swimming, or dancing, or playing cards, drinking ....... No matter what kind of hobbies, are A spiritual world of sustenance and pursuit. Because there are hobbies, life is full of fun; because there are hobbies, around more than some like-minded friends; also because of the hobby, long life was more colorful; A child like 'Dream of Red Mansions', inadvertently found this literary masterpiece there is such a form of drama drama, which Daiyu burning a section of singing sorrowful sadness, fully expressed Daiyu proudly died when the sound must, mysterious nobody desolate State of mind, love away when the despair mood. If you want to see the film and television will be tears of the people, then I see Yue opera, singing will be tears, is not more emotional it? Shaoxing opera as a local opera in Zhejiang, thought that in such a remote place in Yunnan like many people, not even, but in a chance to know the fate of the establishment of a four years in Kunming, a group of Yue Opera Troupe, so as Lonely goose group joined the troupe, since then I was more out of trouble and obsessed with the drama on the play, life in addition to Nike UK Sale work, the child, the rest is the Yue opera, play career has also opened the curtain. Shaoxing opera is mostly a gifted scholar for the story theme, the play wit is also played by the woman and more refined elegance, romantic suave quality. Like the angle of the handsome, prefer the angle of the handsome soft, due to height and Air Max 2017 Outlet Italia Saldi Online sound conditions, choose to learn the angle of the play. So from the Yue Opera on the love, Yue Opera as lovers like to live in my life, filled with my life bit by bit blank. From the beginning only know 'A Dream of Red Mansions' part of the sing, to now know and understand more horns martial art of singing. I like the wing to send the singing of the Cheap Air Max 90 Shoes euphemism and exquisite, mellow charm; also like Fu sent the singing of the beautiful and varied, falling mildly, delicate God; Pas cher Chaussures Nike also like Lu Feng singing colorful, graceful fancy ... ... more like The factions have their own different flavors and characteristics. The different factions have their own different flavors and characteristics. I believe most people like the opera are like I like Chinese traditional culture, classical literature, art is interlinked, opera is also interlinked, because like Yue opera, and then like the opera, Kun Opera and other opera. Like, just just like it, I can come back more than 100 kilometers a week to go to the big city to follow the teacher to learn the basic skills of the opera, learning figure, learning singing, learning atmosphere and pronunciation, learning to write the word (biting problem has always been our study Zhejiang local opera short board); just just like, I can once liked the flow of music all removed from my life, leaving nike tn pas cher only a drama; only just like, I can own to buy the role of the purchase Need clothing and props. In fact, really want to live their own life and full of colorful, really want to live their own want to look like, just like enough. Nike Air Max 90 Once very puzzled those who like to grow orchids, why can insist on a pot of pots every morning to move out of the room at night and a pot of pots back to the house; very puzzled those who like football, why every The event can stay up and stay up all night watching the next day can continue to work. Now only understand that really obsessed with the hobby, immersed in the kind of happiness is I do not know tired, wonderful words. Perhaps others will be like I have been puzzled as I look at the present I, puzzled who have, the suspect also have. Hobbies is the source of power, I just want to talk with Yue Opera a hearty love, not the name is not good, do not sing singing, only for the hearts of the share of love, heart that a hand has not devoid of the flames. Adidas Pas Cher Exposure to the play, playing a different identity, France pas cher en ligne playing a different role, had a play addiction, do a play back.
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Kangzhong Auto Parts in the national layout of the 15 regional center Okura, more Christian Louboutin Escarpins than 300 direct service outlets, with more than 2,100 employees, the terminal repair shop every day more than 10,000 orders, 50 million commodity transactions across the scale , Has a strong profitability. A total of nearly 80,000 kinds of normal maintenance parts and components will be carried out in the future. The future will continue to expand the maintenance and fragile parts and components within 200,000 kilometers to form a full range of all-vehicle supply system. 'Auto parts sales are different from the general consumer goods, with a strong professional properties, the public will be the main round of financing in the following areas continue to force: the database to increase Investment, not only the data match, but also in the data application to invest more power to assist the auto repair enterprise accurate construction, improve the quality of maintenance; at the same time to build the national professional intelligent auto parts storage and transportation center, continue to increase sku supply capacity and open platform; More than 100 million yuan to expand the expansion of Shandong and other regions have not entered the market. 'Related statistics show that the current domestic passenger car ownership reached 170 million, after the direct demand for more than 200 billion parts of the market, the annual rate is still 30% And the rapidly growing market demand attracts many Nike Free 4.0 participants.Google subsidiary DeepMind collected medical records was sentenced to illegal According to the BBC reported that the British Information Commission (ICO) recently ruled that the British National Medical Service System Trust Fund under the Royal Free Hospital in the Google (microblogging), the United States, When sharing data, the patient's privacy is not adequately protected. Royal Free Hospital has a canada goose mens jacket large number of patient data to Google subsidiary DeepMind medical tests, in order to find a new way to find kidney damage. The Information Committee condemned the violation of the British Privacy Act. In addition, the agency also said the Royal Free Hospital did not fully explain to patients how their data was used. Royal Free Hospital said it would improve the 'short board' in the data processing process. The medical trial began in early 2016, when the sac michael kors Royal Free Hospital provided information about 1.6 million patients to DeepMind. This information is used to develop and improve the alarm, diagnosis and discovery system, when the patient is at risk of acute kidney injury (AKI), the system can be found. The result of the medical trial is that DeepMind has introduced an application called Streams to help doctors find patients with acute kidney damage. In the statement, the information commissioner Elizabeth Denham pointed out that in order to creatively use the data, the data must be carefully managed. 'Innovation can not be at the expense of basic privacy.' In this survey, the Royal Free Hospital was Cheap Nike Dunk SB Mens Shoes not fined, but signed a promise to ensure that the way it was processed was changed. The hospital promises to make a legal basis when conducting future trials with DeepMind and other companies; pay more attention to fulfilling commitments to patient trust in future trials; assess the impact of trials on patient privacy; audit tests to see how they are An agreement with an information member, and how to share the details. The Royal Free Hospital said in a statement that the hospital will fully cooperate with the Information Committee's survey and welcome its guidance in order to find the best Coach Drawstring Madison Des sacs way to use patient data in future trials. Royal Free Hospital also said it was pleased that the information committee allowed it to continue using Streams Sac MK Pas Cher applications to help patients. 'We have accepted the findings of the Information Committee and have made improvements in the areas where they have concerns, and we firmly believe that the power Cheap Nike Shoes For Men of technology can improve patient care, which is the driving force behind our development of Streams applications.' Google Also issued a statement, Cheap Womens Shoes For Sale claiming to welcome the matter 'thoughtful solution' and said it would reflect on the relationship with the hospital. 'We have underestimated the complexity of the NHS and the rules about the patient's data,' wrote MustMa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, who is responsible for the development of mission management applications for the clinician, DeepMind, But also underestimated the concerns of well-known technology companies in the health sector. 'Kim and Sullivan also said that the focus of the Google AI department is to develop tools for clinicians, without taking into account how to shape the project based on patient and public needs. They wrote in a statement: 'We made hermes bags online a mistake and needed to do better.
Posted by JAYTSE at: 09:29 PM, September 26, 2017
wards, the captain of the south detachment explained to the superiors on the grounds of 'strict observance of combat discipline': 'There is no order to intercept the Chinese army.' News spread to the Chinese army ears, 'Osaka's Japanese soldiers Nike Air Max 90 will not fight,' the argument is popular. Each battle, the Chinese army an opponent is 'Osaka division', often greatly increased morale, rushing and the fourth division war. Just arrived in the front of the fourth division caught off guard, eat a few useless defeat, and even implicated a friendly, so that the friendly forces to the Eleventh Army Command complained: 'There are four division war, could have won Battle, because the enemy morale, will lose ... ... ' Life insurance is the most important Since then, the Japanese Eleventh Army commander had to let the fourth division to concentrate on the rear 'standby' the. Once, the eleventh army commander An Nan only a few do not believe evil, sent the fourth division in Changsha battle in the main attack, the results of the fourth division into the Changsha was driven out, across the board defeat. Shou of the Kuomintang army is Xue Yue Department of elite, and only Anan this elm Adidas Scarpe online head will use the fourth division when the main attack. In view of the performance of the battle in Changsha, the fourth division became the Japanese 'mourning stars', which army do not want it, the base camp had to be changed to a municipality. This is the fourth division of the soldiers and some of the blow: 'I soldier in a division, when the war belongs to the Kwantung Army - elite, battle fight in the eleven army - or elite, the last eleven uniform We had, but had to change the base camp ... ... ' Although the fourth division is useless, but after all, is a division, veterans and more. As the Japanese combat losses are very large, urgent need to add veterans, from time to time transferred the fourth division officers and soldiers added to other divisions. At that time, the Japanese ministries of the parting speech has its own characteristics, such as the second division, when the war is better to say 'Wu Yun long'; when the situation is not good to say 'Jiu Sidi see' (Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, The However, the officers and men of Nike Air Max Shoes the fourth division farewell, but often said, 'Yu Shen big cut', translated, that is, 'take care', 'first', or simply 'life is the most important.' Later, the Japanese army in the attack Hengyang and Zhijiang met the Chinese army's stubborn resistance. At the beginning of the fighting, the veterans from the Fourth Division repeated the old tricks, from officers, noncommission to veterans who were admitted to the hospital, negatively and reasonably refused to fight. When the wounded Japanese soldiers to the hospital, those who 'recuperate' the fourth division 'predecessors' who have to ask: 'Why do you want to die ah?' When asked why they do moncler outlet sito ufficiale not want to war, these 'disease No. 'but proudly said:' I heard that this attack is a feint, which is very interesting, if it is the main attack, naturally, to fight a good fight myself. ' In April 1942, the fourth division was transferred to the Philippines to attend the final attack on the fortress of Corregidor. This battle of the fourth division uncharacteristically smooth Zapatos Nike Shox progress, the successful completion of the task, and ultimately in the Bataan Peninsula, the United States and the Philippines all surrender. Later learned that this is not the fourth division of the credit, but the Philippines, the United States and the Philippines have been cut off supplies for several days, relying on 'salt and canada goose store vegetables' has been alive for several months, and a touch that is not a bit fresh. Since then, the fourth division in the Japanese front behind the continuous transfer, and always no longer participate in the big fight. I actually do business When the Japanese surrendered in August 1945, the fourth division was resting near Bangkok, Thailand. Unlike other Japanese troops who refused to accept the fate of defeat, the surrender and return UGG Orejeras rojo of the fourth division were going well. When all the ruddy, healthy fourth division officers and men appear in the Japanese port, the local Under Dr Martens Donna Armour Curry 3 malnutrition, described the haggard of the Japanese are very surprised. Statistics down, the fourth division is the Japanese army killed in the least, equipment and supplies the most complete troops. US military evaluation of this division is 'peace-loving'. The fourth division after returning home, but also immediately reflect the characteristics of the second day after returning home, there are officers and men went to the US military barracks, neatly placed booths, selling war memorials to. Why is the fourth division in the Japanese so unique it? Writer Sima Liao Taro that this is the unique culture of Osaka caused. In ancient Japan, the basic social structure is the peasants attached to the land of the princes (that is, the name), and princes obey the emperor. This long-term social structure led to the formation of Japan's strict relations between the upper and lower levels, rich in the spirit of cultural characteristics,
Posted by Lady at: 02:21 AM, September 21, 2017
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Data show that the flat screen resolution of canada goose womens jacket 1440X1090, using the Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 processor, equipped with 1GB of memory and 32GB flash memory. As the tablet uses the ARM architecture of the Nike Air Shox Mens processor, so Microsoft originally planned to run a specially Nike Kids Shoes Cheap developed Windows RT operating system, and Sac MK Pas Cher Surface Pro, the same, the tablet can also support the stylus. Media commented that from the appearance and other factors, it is easy to see why Microsoft executives canceled this Tablet PC. In the past few years, the global Tablet PC has cheap celine bags become a sunset market, sales fell sharply in double digits, which bear the brunt of the small size of 10 inches under the Tablet PC. In recent years, Kakao has been hoping to maintain the attack on the originator Uber in the Christian Louboutin Escarpins domestic market in Korea. New funding will help Kakao to further expand its online services. Kakao Mobility is expected to launch new services in the second half of this year, including corporate taxis, parking and automatic payments. However, Kakao Mobility's core business is to create a Nike Air Max Shoes two-year Kakao Taxi application, which handles Nike Lunar 4.0 about 1.5 million calls per day, while the number of users reaches 14.9 million. As for Uber, the company has never disclosed its data on the Korean market. But from the following aspects, Uber michael kors in South Korea's development is not satisfactory. In April, the Korean authorities Commande pas cher Coach Drawstring issued a warrant for arrests against Travis Kalanick, chief executive of Uber.
Posted by JAYTSE at: 02:46 AM, September 20, 2017
als were more concerned with privacy concerns. The agreement between Royal Free Hospital and DeepMind was first exposed in February 2016 and was controversial for sharing Nike Men Shoes Outlet a lot of patient information without public consultation. In March of this year, an academic report on patient data found a key flaw in DeepMind's information handover. The authors say that this is 'unforgivable' and the patient is not told how their data is being used. At that time, DeepMind said the report there is Canada Goose Ladies a 'major mistake', distorting the use of patient data with the Royal Hospital. (Compiled / gold deer)f the easy, cheap celine bags as soon as possible to deal with operational problems, fear is the first one. No car can be paid unless the payment of cash 'Securities Daily' reporter in the easy to set the software platform, call the vehicle, the software pops up a page, the page shows, easy to support models only pay to the driver, please get paid before getting off. And if you do not choose this, the other models of the car will be more than the cost of the car models on the cost of 30% -50%. In Sac MK Pas Cher order to easy to account with the balance of the payment, the reporter chose several other Escarpins Femme models, although the price is expensive, but can directly use the account balance for consumption. But after many attempts, the reporter found that although the platform shows a car, but always hit the car, no owner response. Software frequently jump out of the 'price hover reminders' page, and said that the current location of the car demand continues to increase, in order to support the choice of your order, we will once again float the price. Reporters in Beijing tricyclic, four rings, rings and many other attempts, no drivers response, always hit the car. While the price after the float has far exceeded the price of the taxi. Although easy to announce that the driver has been resolved to solve the problem, but the user after the recharge is like a circle in the general, can not easily consumption. On this issue, the reporter tried to contact easy, but did not find the relevant person in charge. Easy to get rid of employees June 28, easy to release announcement that the company has recently changed the controlling shareholder, has a new controlling shareholder to enter, music is no longer as easy to the sac michael kors controlling shareholder, the original management team continues to be responsible for easy management , Operations and other matters. Easy to be prepared on July 4 held a media communication, on specific issues to do public statements. However, for the new entrants to the shareholders who are easy to reach the side is not disclosed. This also led to speculation. There are rumors that the first steam about the car or shares; also had news that the peace group will be settled easy; even the private equity fund blue giant investment holding group has also been that the outside may be easy to control the shareholders, Toumiao bike, Jingdong Finance, Evergrande and other real estate companies. For the rumors, easy to give the attitude is given, the message Authentic Nike Air Max Shoes is not commented. But its position, has solved the driver to mention the problem. Recently, easy to notice in the announcement that the current double-file agreement has been signed, all the owners of the application has been completed online payment. Up to now, more than 400,000 drivers have been successfully completed. However, from the 'Securities Daily' reporter survey, easy to hit the car difficult problem or has not been effectively resolved. At present, easy to be in the old and new shareholders on the occasion of the occasion, frequent staff to leave, so that the platform is facing a shortage of personnel. 'Golgoth old employees are basically gone, and now easy to employees mostly face, a lot of jobs are vacant.' One has been easy to leave the staff told reporters. Easy to stormNew York Fifth Avenue Apple retail store refurbished area doubled by the end of the year to reopen July 4, early this year, Apple began in Coach Drawstring Madison Des sacs the company's fifth Avenue in New York Apple's flagship store renovation, the goal is to expand the store's business area. However, since the beginning of the renovation, the details of this project has not been known to outsiders. Just today, MacMagazine media released a new report, said the refurbished Apple flagship store will be reopened Size 14 15 16 Mens Shoes at the end of 2018. MacMagazine claims that from the construction site of Nike Air Presto 2013 the signs on the information can be seen, Apple's retail store renovation work is expected to end on October 31, 2018. Of course, for all construction projects, there may be errors in the duration of such a project, and the final date of completion of the project may also be postponed. As Apple plans to finish the refurbishment of the retail stores by October 31, 2018, the company may reopen the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York one day next November. This means that the retail store will be re-opened at the occasion of the US holiday shopping season. To know that the holiday shopping season for Apple and the entire New York city, is one of the busiest moments of the year. Apple in January this y
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It can also be said that he is a person who likes to dominate the position. Nike Mercurial Vapor IX IC The constant change in the content of the topic is a good thing, but talk about the outrageous, Cheap Nike Shoes Saleeverything seems no clue, it will make the audience feel dull.Air Jordan 1 GS If he is an ordinary person, often talk about no clue of the topic, or constantly changing the topic, the East pull, then leave a fragmented impression.Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes This shows that he is a lack of rational thinking of people. Authentic Women's Nike Shoes Of course, a good talker, is rarely talk about their own, but will lead the other side of the topic analysis, finishing, constantly from each other to absorb knowledge and information. In general, some people will focus on listening to Air Jordan 6 Retro each other's conversation, from the character point of view, this type of person would like to understand the psychology of others, but also a tolerant attitude, a real gentleman.
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the relieved. Suddenly clear, the pursuit of perfection, but can not touch the phantom, beautiful, enchanting, but do not feel the temperature. A real love, a flat in the spend; life tasteless, the days of boring, so seemingly simple, but also the most difficult to abide by, hold your hand, and grow old, I do not know how many years, The survival of the volume, can only read the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes Cheap Nike Dunk SB Mens Shoes of life. We are only the horizon of the grass, rather than flowers in the peony, gorgeous glowing heart, while ignoring the warm sunshine gentle love, plain like. As long as the grief is not one after another, life can be a good treasure, when you exposure to the pain, as long as you go on, you will find the pain of the past, for your life, will be a precious pearl! The pain of the taste is difficult to bear, but when it really landed in front of us, only the courage to face, and frankly accepted, the pain in the torture of a person at Authentic Men's Nike Shoes the same time, tend to make its will stronger, Not experienced the pain of life, is not complete life. When we come out of the pain of the haze, usher in the bright sun, they will be pleasantly surprised to find that those who have pain has been cemented into a pearl, in our hands, shine! Out of the haze, meet the challenge, do not let the haze cover our eyes and slow down the pace or stop, pull it will find the front more beautiful scenery. Out of the haze, out of the shadows, tomorrow will be better.Through the swamp of the soul Life is like a train of Mercedes-Benz, from the coming of the phrase that loud and clear whistle sounded, we will be autonomous, or involuntarily started non-stop forward. Through the day and night, through the spring and summer autumn and winter, through the mountains and rivers, through the desert Gobi, through the storm, through the ice and snow, through the pain of injury, through the sea, until the end, painting our life perfect regret period. After a journey of twists and turns, we like to see the gurgling years. If you are going to calm down to think about it, perhaps we can not help but sigh, people in this life, whether it is through the ups and downs or gully, whether it is through the temptation or confusion, whether it is through sadness or pain, we must first walk through their own soul Of the piece of swamp, only in this way, we can successfully reach the other side of the cause. The external trap is omnipresent, the inner swamp is all the time. In our hearts, more or less dormant greed, fear, selfishness, confusion, weakness, jealousy, pessimism, vanity, low self-esteem and hatred, they Mens Air Jordan are like crocodiles lurking in the heart swamp, at any time will be sincere, kind And beliefs a little bit swallowed, and thus unwittingly lost fighting spirit, since the fall, to destruction. Perhaps we can easily find that there are so few people in real life, such as Beethoven, such as Zhang Haidi, such as Shi Tiesheng, such as Hawking, although they suffered a life of the swamp, but the blessing of the road to success. When we are chanting, we can hardly imagine how they had gone through the swamp when we simply put everything in the chances when we were far behind. There is no easy chance of success in the world, and the success of these people is because they have the ability to see through the swamps Cheap Nike Shoes For Men that we are hard to see and are often overlooked by us. This ability is not only available to them, when the bad luck to patronize them, unexpectedly Air Jordan 5 Kids stimulated their potential, a good attitude to the unfavorable factors into the success factor of the potential. This potential is conducive to the success of the play, but the success of the meaning is not the pursuit of the results, but the pursuit of the process, in general, how much will be pursued how much. No walk through the cold winter, there is no blooming fragrance; not through Authentic Nike Mens Shoes For Sale the raging fire, there is no rebirth of Phoenix; do not go through the narrow selfish, there is no magnificent love; do not go through indulgent greed, there is no sweet happy. Life can not be smooth sailing, years can not be spotless, life can not Air Max Shoes on Sale succeed in one fell swoop. Through the desert, life will leave the string of footprints; through the hardships, hands will harvest the mature cocoon; the same time, Through the heart of the Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes swamp, we will become more sober and more rational and more wisdom. Only through the swamp of the mind, we will stand firm, we will be straight backs, we will lift the head, we will be cheerful, we will Yuecuoyueyong, we will persevere, we will be a brighter future, we will be brighter than the light, we will be brilliant seasons, we will be burning passion, we will write the legend, we will Nike Womens Heels Shoes come out strong robust and colorful life!Ran out of my future He was born in a poor family, facing the loess back to the parents, can not provide him with excellent learning and living conditions. But he is very sensible, from the day into the school gate, never with their parents to take a penny initiative. A few years later, the outstanding performance of him, admitted to the city of a high school, becau

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