A Coming Change

Jan P.

Spring Lake, MI

Posted on 10 Jun

My 6th grade teacher helped lead me into a lifelong interest in political and social awareness. Common Cause was a natural when it formed in the early 70's. In spite of the lofty goals of Common Cause and many other groups I began to follow or join, the future looks even more precarious and bleak for mankind today than back then. Oh, yes, there have been steps forward, but the "age of enlightenment" so often attached to the period in which I grew up, has instead become a time where children were more often forgotten than properly taught to think clearly and logically for themselves.

Will we recover? Yes, but not before much more human suffering. Unless we can control ourselves, nature will again assert its utter control over the world. I think mankind collectively and individually realizes his complete destruction is not in his own best interest and, consequently, I don't expect a nuclear holocaust, but a slow, perhaps painful change in the human existence. I am 70 and may not live to see it, but it is coming. The (mythical) biblical story of Noah, will look different this time. We are at the edge of a global society. I hope we make it to that next level. Michio Kaku has interesting comments on this coming change.

Democracy is not just a system, it is a lifelong struggle for human justice, and the people of the United States, in fact, the world, have for a long time forgotten to teach their children that all important truth.

The next time around public interest groups should focus more on common interests working together and on education and indoctrinating our children into a life of struggling for democracy (for each other). Had we done that in 1980, or '70, or '60 and before, those children would be here today, struggling for democracy. Instead, we are seduced by consumption and enslaved by life's scramble. There is no time left, even for contemplation, let alone for protecting democracy and justice for all.


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