Town Halls/ Local Public Events

Before the Event:

  • Recruit friends, family, and neighbors to go with you
  • Prepare several sharp, fact-based questions ahead of time for members of your group to ask -- focus on a limited number of issues to maximize impact, and ideally include information on the MoC’s record of voting and statements they’ve made
  • Make signs in case you won’t be able to ask your question -- but only if you have enough people to both hold signs and ask questions (If you’re holding an oppositional sign, staffers will almost certainly not give you the mic)

At the Event:

  • Get there early, meet up, and get organized -- distribute a handout with each person’s questions so they are prepared
  • Get seated and spread out — don’t all sit together (this will reinforce the idea of a broad consensus)
  • Make your voices heard by asking good questions —be polite but persistent, demand real answers, and don’t give up the mic until you’re satisfied with the answer
  • Support the group and reinforce the message — applaud each other, show that the feeling is shared
  • Record everything! These clips can be shared on social media or given to local news outlets to hold representatives accountable

After the Event:

  • Reach out to the media — engage local reporters in person if they’re present, by phone, on Twitter or by email and offer an in-person account, as well as what you’ve recorded
  • Share everything — post pictures, videos to social media and tag the representative's office

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