In-Office Visits

Your representative’s local offices are open for anybody to visit. Take advantage of this by showing up with a small group and asking for an impromptu meeting. Even without an appointment, it is much harder for a staffer to turn away a group than a single constituent.   

  • Find out where your representatives local offices are -- check their official webpages
  • Call the district office a month or so in advance and ask to schedule a meeting with your group when the member is home on recess
    • If the legislator isn’t available, meet with a staffer — the best person to meet with is the District Director
  • Prepare several questions ahead of time, but focus on only one issue and one request of the legislator
  • Recruit 3-5 community members, leaders, friends and allies to join you in the meeting
  • Prepare with your group and rehearse the order in which you want to talk for your 10-15 meeting

If you want talking points or help please let us know at

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