Coordinated Calling Day

Mass calling about an issue can have an enormous impact when calls flood in at opportune moments.

  • Find the phone numbers of your representative
    • Prepare a single message per call — call in on just one specific issue a day to keep it simple and to amplify the importance of that issue
    • Find out who you’re talking to — you want a legislative staffer who covers the issue you’re calling about. Ask to speak to the staffer who covers this issue; or ask whoever answers the office phone to confirm the name of a staffer covering a particular issue, then hang up and call again the next day.
    • If you’re directed to voicemail, follow up with email. Then follow up again. If they don’t reply, make it known on social media to get their attention.
    • Congressional email addresses are standardized, so you can likely guess how to directly email a particular staffer if you know the first and last name (“” for a Senate staffer, or “” for a House staffer)
  • Keep a record of the conversation -- direct quotes are great to share, and anything they tell you is public information unless you agree to withhold it
  • Compare notes on your call with those of others in your group to identify any conflicts in what the member is telling constituents
  • Report back to your group and if appropriate to the media

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