Activist Toolkit

Our democracy was made by and for We, the People. We can preserve and strengthen it only if enough of us are involved in national, state and local campaigns. There are so many ways to get involved -- here are some of the most important.

  1. Join the Common Cause Action Team! As an Action Team member you will be part of a corps of dedicated activists working to hold President Trump and other elected officials accountable, end partisan gerrymandering, fight voter suppression, and defend our democracy. Members of the Action Team lead volunteer teams, phonebank, organize meetings and house parties, write blog posts, and assist on digital campaigns. Once you fill out the form, we will contact you and plug you into the most urgent campaigns in your community and across the country.

  2. Get involved in your local campaigns. Whether you are in California or Alabama, there are important efforts in the state house, your city hall, or your county courthouse that need your support and attention. This might mean helping in the fight for Automatic Voter Registration in Massachusetts or standing against voter suppression laws and partisan gerrymandering North Carolina.
  3. Defend pro-democracy values in your community.
  4. Form, small, dedicated groups that are locally focused. This allows you to  communicate frequently with your representatives and other activistsr to dedicate time and resources to our cause. While we pursue our own policy priorities, our main focus in the Trump era must be preventing anti-democracy policies from being passed.

  5. Take action on your own.Remember, your representative in Congress cares a lot about winning reelection. That means he or she has a powerful incentive to work hard for you. But because every member of Congress represents thousands of people, we have to work to make our voices heard:
    • Advocacy requires effort
      • Representatives will pay more attention to in-person visits to their offices than to a single email or call.
    • Sign up for your representative’s e-newsletter or postal mailing to receive regular  updates, invites to local events, and information about their activities.
    • Find out where your representative stands (and who they stand for).
    • Set up a Google News Alert — for example, “Rep. Bob Smith” — to receive an email whenever your representative is in the news

Millions of Americans are rising up across the country to protect our democratic values. By following the above steps you can join the ranks of Common Cause members who are committed to a democracy that works for all of us.

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The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

Tell Congress to fix the court’s bad decision!

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