Trump's Vote Suppression Scheme: Pence-Kobach Commission Gathering Private Voter Information

Common Cause is suing Donald Trump’s so-called “election integrity” commission.

The commission’s request for some private voter data violates the federal Privacy Act -- passed in the wake of Watergate when the Nixon White House compiled information on individuals with opposing political views.

It was wrong then, and it’s wrong now. Our lawsuit is so far the only one that would permanently stop the Commission’s illegal collection of private voter data, and make them get rid of the info they already have.

There’s nothing normal about Trump’s phony voting commission: It’s packed with partisan operatives and vote suppressors like Kris Kobach and Hans Von Spakovsky. It was only set up after the President’s baseless claims about illegal voting and could easily pave the way for new nationwide voting restrictions.

When President Trump claimed without evidence that "millions voted illegally" in last year's election, he was roundly criticized by experts and election officials from both parties for falsely undermining faith in our democracy.

But rather than back down on his outlandish assertion, Trump doubled down -- ordering Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to "investigate" our elections -- both of whom have backed Trump's irresponsible and incorrect claim that millions illegally voted in 2016.

Kobach in particular has a notorious history of voter suppression, like pushing a shady "cross-check" program -- a dubious tactic he says is to find illegal voters, but has flagged false positives in the past, and disenfranchised too many legitimate, eligible voters.

Kobach is still in a position to push dangerous anti-voter restrictions, amplify the President’s false claims about illegal voting, and stop eligible Americans from having a say in our democracy.

Let’s make sure Kobach knows we’re on to him -- send a written public comment to Trump’s sham voting commission and say: we won’t let you take away our vote!

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