Demand the WHOLE truth about Flint's poisoned water

Tell Gov. Snyder: Stop hiding information!

Thousands of children and families in Flint, Michigan drank poisoned water after an unelected “emergency manager” switched the city’s water supply to the lead-contaminated Flint River in an effort to cut costs.

But appallingly, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is hiding information, refusing to release correspondence and documents around the decision to use contaminated water. The entire nation needs to shine a light on what's happening.

Demand accountability

As soon as this story broke, Common Cause Michigan called on Governor Rick Snyder to release all the information regarding the decision to use the contaminated water.

Gov. Snyder’s reaction? Releasing a few hand-picked emails, hiding behind “executive immunity” and hiring a fancy PR firm.

So we got to work. Our petition calling on the Governor to release all the information has over 70,000 signatures -- that’s huge, and I’ve been doing interviews with state and national media daily, telling the media how the public wants real answers.

Now Snyder is stepping up his cover-up of what happened. We can’t let him get away with this. The people of Flint deserve to know: what did Gov. Rick Snyder and other officials know about the poisoned water in Flint, and when did they know it? And most importantly -- why didn’t they act sooner?

Elected officials have a duty to provide us with safe, healthy drinking water. And in Flint, they failed miserably. Every American, especially the children who drank poisoned water, deserves to know exactly how this happened.

And because Michigan is one of just two states with a blanket exemption for the governor’s office to the Freedom of Information Act, we’ll only learn the truth about Flint if we stand together and demand it.

No matter where you live, we need your help to fight back. Stand up against this breathtaking abuse of executive privilege and call on Gov. Snyder to come clean about the Flint water crisis.

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