Debate Moderators: Ask the candidates about money in politics

Why is nobody asking the candidates about THIS?

The upcoming presidential election is drawing stark divisions between many Americans, but there's one issue that nearly everyone wants to hear the candidates speak out on: getting big money out of our democracy. Click here to take action today!

Moderators of the upcoming presidential debates ought to put candidates on the spot and ask them for a comprehensive plan to get big money out and restore balance to our democracy.

Click here to get the candidates on the record

Nearly every candidate is calling out the corrosive influence of big money on our politics -- and rightly so. But sadly, the candidates either have no plan to actually deal with the problem, or bury it on their website instead of dedicating the time in debates and major speeches the issue deserves.

That's a huge missed opportunity, since an overwhelming majority of voters agree on the concrete steps needed to curb big money's influence, like citizen funded elections, full disclosure of campaign spending, and real enforcement to make sure everyone follows the rules.

Now it's time for the candidates to say loudly and proudly where they stand on fixing big money in politics, what they'll do about it, and how they'll get it done. Join us in calling on the debate moderators to ask the candidates to talk about the specific actions they'd take to put We The People back in charge. Click here to take action today!

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