Redistricting Reform

Common Cause Wisconsin has led the drive to reform our state’s redistricting process by 2021. We've worked with legislators to craft reform measures; garnered the unprecedented support of reform legislation from editorial boards of 19 major daily newspapers across the state, while helping to coordinate media coverage of this issue and calling out those legislators who do not support reform; and we have played a key role in elevating redistricting reform as an election issue.

Introduced in January 2017, Assembly Bill 44/Senate Bill 13 are measures that delegate the map-drawing authority to the Legislative Reference Bureau, whose maps must be voted on up or down without amendment. This reform is modeled after Iowa’s successful redistricting process.

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"Common Cause in Wisconsin deserves appreciation for trying to keep redistricting reform highly visible. They have kept pressure on the Legislature to move... the public also needs to keep up the pressure."

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Help establish fair voting maps in Wisconsin

Under Wisconsin’s current redistricting system, whichever party controls the legislature also has the power draw our state's voting maps. In 2011, this process resulted in “gerrymandered" congressional and state legislative districts that suppress competition in elections and deprive voters of the right to choose their representatives.

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The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

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