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For 10 years, Common Cause in Wisconsin fought for public financing of our state's Supreme Court elections, playing the lead role in the 2009 passage and enactment into law of an "Impartial Justice" measure, legislation that provided full public financing to Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates who agreed to spending limits -- ensuring that elected Justices would not be beholden to large campaign donors. The Impartial Justice Law has since been repealed by Governor Scott Walker and the State Legislature.

But we're not giving up the fight for a fair and impartial State Supreme Court.

We are now exploring the viability of a merit selection process (or a merit-election hybrid) as an alternative to Wisconsin's current system of electing our State Supreme Court Justices. Currently millions of dollars in both direct campaign contributions and outside special interest money flow into our State Supreme Court elections, undermining the impartiality of our elected Justices.

Inform your State Legislators and your local newspaper that the current system of Supreme Court elections is corrupt. Tell them we need a viable alternative soon.

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“We agree with Jay Heck, the executive director of the nonpartisan watchdog group Common Cause in Wisconsin, who sees the high court’s deadlock as another incredibly clear and compelling reason why the Legislature must pass campaign...

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“Common Cause says it all... a stellar list of engaged responsible Wisconsinites-- ranging from former elected officials of both parties, to former journalists and citizen activists [calling] for campaign finance reform.” -The Capital...


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The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

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