FAQs about Texas Voter ID

The Voter ID law in Texas has gone through several revisions due to court proceedings but the process for voting remains simple and easy!

Below is everything you need to know - and we'll make sure to keep this updated if anything else changes before voting begins.

When is the last day to register?

You must be registered by Tuesday, October 11th in order to vote in the November 2016 election. 

What do I need to take with me in order to vote in person during Early Voting or on Election Day? 

When you arrive at the polls, you will be able to vote using any of these 7 forms of photo ID (the IDs can be expired by up to 4 years):

  • Driver license
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate (EIC)
  • Texas Personal Identification Card issued by DPS
  • Texas license to carry a handgun issued by DPS
  • US military identification card containing the person's photograph
  • US citizenship certificate containing the person's photograph
  • US passport


If you do not have one of those forms of ID you can sign a simple form* and present 1 of these documents:

  • Valid voter registration certificate (card)
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Current utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Government check
  • Paycheck
  • Any other government document with the individual's name and address 

*The simple one-page form is called the "Voter's Declaration of Reasonable Impediment or Difficulty" - but we promise it's very simple to fill-out!

What if the address on my ID does not match my voter registration address?

You will still be allowed to vote, the ID address does not have to match the voter registration address.

If I fill out the simple form, do I still get to vote a regular ballot?

YES! You should be allowed to vote a REGULAR ballot - NOT a provisional ballot. If an election official tries to give you a provisional ballot, politely tell them that filling out the form and presenting 1 of the required documents allows you to cast a regular ballot. If they still want you to vote a provisional ballot - get in touch with us using any of the methods below. 

What if the election official doesn't accept my ID or won't let me fill out the simple form?

If you have 1 of the required pieces of ID or you sign the simple form and present one of the required documents - you are allowed to vote. Period. 

Election officials cannot question you about the type of ID you are presenting. 

What do I do if run into problems while trying to vote? 

If you have any questions at all about voting or experience any problems while trying to cast your vote - get in touch with us. We have experts standing by to help you out.

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