State Governing Board

Amy Goins, President
Kevin McAllister, Vice President
Joan Gray, Treasurer
Ellen O’Hara, Secretary

Jane K. Austin

Susan G. Belles

Joseph Cammarano

Frank DiGregorio

Alan Flink

Brian Heller

Brian McGuirk

Colin Murphy

Nancy Rhodes

Bruce R. Ruttenberg

Ford Sayre

Shawn Selleck

Daniel G. Siegel

Katie Varney

State Advisory Board

Thomas Ewens, Chair

Phil Anderson

David A. Brown

Joseph L. Dowling

Robert G. Flanders

Fred J. Franklin

Patricia Fuller

Warren Galkin

Doree Goodman

Sheila Hughes

Kenneth Newman

Neil Severance

Richard Silverman

Cathy Speer

Nondas Voll

Rob Walker

Richard Worrell

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