Common Cause Pennsylvania is working to protect voters’ rights and the integrity of Pennsylvania elections by seeking policies that will

  • Provide for on-line voter registration
  • Implement election day voter registration
  • Establish "no excuse" absentee voting
  • Prohibit onerous voter ID requirements that would disenfranchise multitudes of legitimate voters while providing no real protections from illegal activity
  • Require all voting machines to produce a paper record of each vote cast in a manner that guarantees the confidentiality of each vote, and designates the paper record as the official ballot for verification purposes
  • Mandate random audits of the ballot counts of a specified percentage of voting machines' in each county
  • Establish procedures to ensure that every polling place has sufficient emergency ballots in case problems erupt
  • Mandate audits of every voting site on a frequent basis to ensure accessibility
  • Permit "curbside voting" for disabled people
  • Enact strict penalties for harassment, intimidation or misdirection of voters, and ensure strict enforcement of the law
  • Provide for better and mandatory training of poll workers
  • Require the automatic registration of every voter who completes a provisional ballot
  • Authorize access to polling places by certified independent election monitors

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