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(Updated October 6, 2014)




JOHN BLAKE  (SD-22, Lackawanna)

I have been a strong proponent for transparency and accountability in state government including cosponsorship on bills regarding lobbyist disclosure SB308; campaign finance reform SB472; political contribution reform SB318, and other gov’t reforms SB691, SB692, SB693, SB697, SB696).  I have never taken per diems and I suggest full acctng of Senate-related expenditures.  I have introduced legis for redistricting reform SB1407  and I am a strong proponent for Voting Rights SB900  SB195.

STEVE CICKAY (SD- 10, Bucks)

In the light of recent decisions such as Citizens United and attempts  to limit access of citizens to vote, I believe we must take vigorous steps to strengthen, not weaken, our democracy.  Voter apathy and cynicism about the political process are at all time highs.  The proposals suggested above are good ones that hopefully will restore faith and interest in our beloved democracy.

RUTH DAMSKER  (SD-12, Montgomery, Bucks)

As Montgomery County Commissioner I endorsed and help pass more open procedures for contract bidding.  I also helped to implement a Code of Ethics for key cabinet level county personnel.  As a state senator, I will stand for open government.  Therefore I favor measures that increase access to records that cause government to be conducted openly and transparently.  I also favor expanding access to voting and fairer standards of representation in government.  Anything that makes participation in the democratic process easier and broader is something I favor.

STEWART GREENLEAF  (SD-12, Montgomery, Bucks)

Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

ART HAYWOOD  (SD-4, Philadelphia, Montgomery)

Public financing of campaigns is necessary.

MICHAEL MUHA (SD-50, Mercer, Crawford, Erie, Warren)

Thank you!


(Above leadership) meaning kicking ass + taking names – not “let leadership do it.   (Comments)I watch you fellas on PCN and love you.  Just know that part of my family has been here since the first Dutch + Swedish traders; we’ve seen it all.  I’d did 3 tours after 9-11, was decorated and medically retired.  As such I can sniff Bullshit 3 miles away and am neither afraid nor impressed by their power structure.  I’ll work w/ anybody in a respectful, “team-like” manner but if the team is jacked up, I don’t cooperate,  Too bad I’m a Lancaster County moderate Dem!  I move to improve.


JILL SUNDAY BARTOLI  (HD-199, Cumberland)

I fully support Common Cause’s good government goals and strategies.  I would like to know more about the compact for popular election of the president before fully supporting it.  Thank you for your commitment to a better Democracy and honest government.

JOHN BURD  (HD-107, Montour, Northumberland, Columbia)

(Regarding #5) Support.  Too rural to make a difference.  (Comments)  If the people could only regulate the government with half of the voracity with which the government regulates the people!  (Regarding)10.  I do not see how this would benefit my constituents.  Rural Pennsylvania is treated as “fly-over country” and I believe Clinton strategist James Carville has said as much.

ANNE CROWLEY (HD-167, Chester)

I am a strong advocate for best practices that will ensure transparency and accountability in governance. I strongly support redistricting by an independent commission that has no partisan influences or bias.

GARY CANGEY  (HD-9, Lawrence)

The trust of the public should be paramount of any public servant.

ANTHONY CRACAMO  (HD-98, Lancaster, Dauphin)

Item 9-  Commission State University System Computer Dept. to deliver program to divide districts based soley on population, municipal, county, & precinct borders avoiding dividing those entities ‘unless absolutely necessary’ as provided by the State Constitution.  The independent commission  would then submit the redistricting plans based on the maps created by the software program.  Items 7 and 11 – I need to learn more about these proposals.  For shareholder approval – unanimous or 2/3 majority or simple majority.  Is it practical?  Item 11 – would want safeguards from frivolous politically motivated bills clogging the legislative agenda.  Limiting number of bill a rep could introduce could prevent worthwhile legislation from being proposed.  Thanks for an easy to complete survey.

ROBERT GILLIES  (HD-154, Montgomery)

(Regarding question #4)  No proper way to vett application.  (Regarding question #5)  Election “Day” Early voting can lead to fraud.  How could on change vote?  (Regarding question #6) Unlimited contribution by any individual, union, PAC or corp.  Full disclosure  Stern penalties  (Regarding question #7)  Will union membership also be required for approval of union PAC’s?  (Regarding question #9)  I will propose districts must be largest political boundary possible – ending partial districts based on party affiliation.  (Regarding question #10) Strongly oppose.  (Regarding question #12) I will post every bill prior to voting.  Also will look to have TV in each caucus room.  (Comments) #10 Popular vote will allow limited number of states to control the government.  The Founding Fathers again are correct with the Electoral College.

ROBERT GODSHALL  (HD-53, Montgomery)

I have reviewed your candidate questionnaire for the General Assembly.  Many of the issues covered are complex and some at the same time hypothetical.  Bills, when introduced in the General Assembly, are usually changed dramatically through the legislative process in committee or on the house floor.  In some cases the final bill form represents an attempt to compromise between the interest groups on the issue.

It would not be in the interest of my constituents  or to you to say how I would vote on a piece of legislation before it is in its final form.  I try to vote on a bill’s merits and keep the interest of my constituents in mind.

I have a strong record in Harrisburg on issues related to government accountability and responsiveness to our all neighbors and I am I am running on my record.  My legislative office door will always be open for your views on issues and how proposed legislation will affect you.

CHARLES HADLEY  (HD-165, Delaware)

11) Not sufficiently familiar with issue.  Please contact me with more information.  In general political reform in Harrisburg is a top priority.

GINA KILEY  (HD-142, Bucks)

(Re question #7) Government shouldn’t impose add’l restrictions on corporations.

THOMAS MURT (HD-152, Montgomery, Bucks)

There are issues on your agenda that require additional discernment, debate, and consideration.

TERRI POWELL  (HD-183, Northampton, Lehigh)

As a first time representative not sure how much latitude I’d have on Introducing + Leading particular pieces of legislation.  However, I strongly support these issues as a Progressive Democrat.

JONATHAN RUTH  (HD-68, Tioga, Bradford, Potter)

As my answers indicate, I am very supportive of Common Cause initiatives to allow more access to voting and more transparency in government and elections.  Please contact me if you have any questions!

BRIAN SANGUINITO  (HD-99, Lancaster)

I absolutely support your cause!  Harrisburg is broken and it needs to be fixed!  We must restore integrity in the political process.  I hope to be one of the strongest voices in the General Assembly regarding open and honest government reform.


As the Elected Recorder of Deeds in Berks County I have first hand experience fighting corruption of an elected office.  Early in my first term I uncovered evidence that my predecessor stole money from the county taxpayers.  I had to personally push her investigation forward for over four years till she finally was indicted by a federal Grand Jury, she plead guilty  a short time later.  But after stealing aprox 1 million dollars her plea bargain meant she only served 6 months in prison.  If I hadn’t pushed this every step of the way for 4 years the entire case would have been swept under the carpet.  Immediately upon my election I opened all my to books to anyone’s inspection.  I received a perfect audit by Aud-General DePasquale’s office and our  county controller.  I always say those with nothing to hide, hide nothing.  AI strongly believe in ethical and open government and I will work hard to advance all the above issues.  Thank you.

CURT SMITH  (HD-4, Erie)

Its my duty as a representative to enforce, advocate and be the voice of the people.  Its time for a fair system that our communities can support and believe in.  We need competitive elections that are fair across the board.  I will advocate for all of these 12 positions.

JESSE WHITE  (HD-46, Washington, Allegheny)

I have actually introduced online voter registration legislation this session and support many of the other proposals.

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