Money in Politics

Who will own our elections? Who will own our government? Will it be the voters and citizens? Or will it be the special interests that invest huge sums of money in elected officials' political campaigns? These are fundamental questions facing Pennsylvania.

Common Cause Pennsylvania firmly believes money is NOT speech, and that constitutional rights are reserved to human beings, not corporations. We, the citizens, have the right, even an obligation, to protect our government and the policies it creates from the abuses of unlimited and sometime hidden campaign contributions.

Due to disastrous short-sighted Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United, wealthy donors and special interest groups in Pennsylvania, and across the country, are gaining increasing influence over elections and tightening their stranglehold over the officials they help to elect.

Pennsylvania faces two serious campaign finance problems that present multiple manifestations.

  • Feeble disclosure laws that fail to provide adequate transparency of campaign financing
  • Lack of limits on campaign contributions

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