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Common Cause Pennsylvania (CCPA) is the vanguard government reform organization in Pennsylvania.  We are a non-profit non-partisan citizen-led advocacy organization working to hold government accountable and make government responsive to the needs of its citizens.  For over four decades CCPA has worked to build a better democracy at the state, local and national levels through citizen action.  CCPA provides leadership through grassroots organizing, creative coalition building, aggressive lobbying, in-depth research, public education, and when necessary, through litigation.

For over four decades, Common Cause Pennsylvania has been leading the charge to clean up Pennsylvania government, providing citizen oversight of its political processes, and working to modernize its elections.  CCPA is restoring power to the people of Pennsylvania through its relentless  efforts reduce the stranglehold that political money has on our politicians, and giving voice in the halls of power to regular citizens like you and me.

Common Cause Pennsylvania’s track record for accomplishment in government reform is unmatched.   In recent years we led the efforts to take Pennsylvania from the bottom tier of states to among the top in Open Records and Lobbyist Disclosure.  We’ve built coalitions that are helping to modernize Pennsylvania’s election systems, and we provide information and poll monitoring teams to protect for voters from abuses on Election Day.  CCPA’s work at the local level helped to secure ethics reforms and campaign contribution limits in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and has assisted citizens with enforcing sunshine and open records laws in their communities.  We’ve also won major lawsuits that protect the public from unconstitutional actions by the legislature.  Our research projects have exposed the impact of political money on environmental policies on “fracking”  and gambling, enlightened the public about the abuses of legislative initiative grants (aka WAMs), and provided basic manuals on constitutional conventions and lobbying laws.

Common Cause members throughout Pennsylvania, across the nation, and perhaps right in your hometown are working to make government serve all of the people again.  It’s tough work.  It requires never-ending vigilance and stamina.  Common Cause Pennsylvania achieves its victories through unified action by concerned and committed citizens.  Thus, our power is derived from citizens just like you – citizens determined to take on self-serving powerful special interests and restore our revered principles of government of by, and for the people. 

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