Thank you for contacting your legislators on redistricting reform.

Thank you for contacting your state senator, urging them to support HB 2974 to bring public review and input to Oregon’s redistricting process. It’s always easier to stand on the sidelines, but when we stand up and act, especially when we act collectively, we make a difference.

Please consider sharing our email to you with others. We need their help too, and they may appreciate the chance to know about this issue and take action.

Thanks for all that you do.

Kate Titus, Executive Director

Common Cause Oregon

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As legislators redraw political district lines each decade to keep up with changing demographics, you face an inherently political task with the power to strengthen or weaken the relative voting strength of whole communities. It is imperative that the public is able to review and give input to this process.

I've asked my state legislators to support HB 2974. Will you join me?

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