Your Voice Matters Now - Oregon Campaign Contribution Limits

The fate of this bill rests on the extent of public pressure. Legislators will only move this bill if inundated with constituent support for it.

Testify in support of contribution limits.

Submitting Written Testimony

    1. Draft your testimony in a Word document (see below)
    2. Address an email to Erin Seiler:, staff of the Oregon House Rules Committee. In the subject line, write: “Testimony on HJR 205”
    3. Send the email with your testimony attached.

    How to Draft Testimony

    Written testimony usually takes the form of a short letter or statement addressed to the relevant committee (in this case the House Rules Committee). A good outline might look as follows:

    • Opening. Address your statement to the chair and members of the committee
    • Clearly state support for HJR205. It’s often a good way to open and/or close testimony.
    • Introduce yourself as an Oregon voter. Include the town where you live, and possibly something about who you are that brings you to life as a real human.
    • Share personal reason why you think it’s important to pass this bill and/or more generally to get money out of politics.

    Talking Points

    • Everyone should have an equal voice in our democracy, regardless of wealth
    • We need to restore our authority to limit money in politics
    • Even while we work to restore this authority federally, we should do what’s in our control here in Oregon.
    • Oregon is 1 of only 6 states that place no limits at all on campaign contributions
    • Right now, we can’t even limit lawmakers from accepting contributions while they are making policy decisions – a clear conflict of interest.
    • Confidence in our government and in you, our elected representatives, is at an all-time low.
    • Oregon is among the most expensive states per capita to run for office
    • Legislators should not be dependent on constant fundraising and the approval of mega donors to get elected.

    Sample Testimony

    Chair Williamson and Members of the House Rules Committee,

    I submit this testimony in support of HJR 205, for contribution limits.

    I am an Oregon voter from Bend Oregon in House District 54. I moved to Oregon as a college student, and have called this home ever since. Like many of you, I share Oregon’s democratic values and love of our beautiful outdoors.

    Here’s why this bill matters to me. I now work as a high school history teacher, teaching Oregon students about how our democracy works. And it sickens me to expose my students to how money is corrupting our political process. High school students are young enough that they are still generally idealistic, but they become disillusioned when they see the distorting effect of money in the system. I want our students to be able to keep a sense of respect and belief in our democratic process.

    This is the right thing to do. Everyone knows that there’s too much money in our political process, creating a pay-to-play system, and making the voice of big contributors matter more than the voice of constituents. It will take real leadership on your part to withstand the pressure of special interests and pass this legislation. I believe in each of you, and your ability to provide that kind of courageous leadership.

    For the sake of our students, I hope you will vote to support HJR 205, referring it to the House for a floor vote.

    Thank you,

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