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The Common Cause Oregon board has taken a position on several policy proposals up for debate this election season, including measures headed for the November ballot, and those under consideration by local governments.

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A Better Oregon, C Corporation Tax Increase

Statewide Ballot Measure 97 – SUPPORT

This statewide ballot measure would increase the C corporate minimum tax by 2.5% on corporations with sales exceeding $25 million in Oregon.  This proposal would raise about $2.5 billion a year, and would designate that money for education (both Early and K-12 education), senior services, and healthcare programs.

Rank Choice Voting

Benton County Ballot Measure 2-100 – SUPPORT

This Benton County ballot measure would enact ranked-choice voting for future county-level general elections. Ranked-choice voting is a method of voting in which voters rank candidates in order of preference. All first choices are tallied. If no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes, the least popular candidate is eliminated, and ballots cast for them are redistributed to more popular candidates based on voters’ second choices, until one candidate has a majority.

Plenary Veto

Lane County Commission Proposal – OPPOSED

This Lane County Commission proposal would allow the Lane County Commission to prevent a citizen-initiated county-level ballot measure from going to the voters if Commissioners deem the measure to not be “of county concern.”

Open & Accountable Elections

Portland City Commission Proposal – SUPPORT

This Portland City Commission proposal includes a set of reforms to make city government more open and accountable to Portland residents. The centerpiece is a powerful and proven public matching program that incentivizes candidates for elected office to seek support from local voters rather than big money special interests. Candidates who participate agree to cap campaign contributions at $250, and get them only from people who live in Portland. The program then allocates limited public dollars to augment the power of small-dollar campaign contributions from Portlanders, matching contributions up to $50 six-to-one. The proposal includes additional measures to enhance transparency and accountability.

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