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Common Cause Oregon has been a force for open, honest, accountable government since 1970.  Thousands of Oregonians working together, we play a vital role safeguarding and improving the democratic process.  We push back against the stranglehold of big money interests on politics, takingthe democratic process into our own hands.  But self-governance is an ongoing challenge and responsibility.  Join us to keep democracy alive and well in Oregon.

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Election Reform

Maintaining a modern system as society and technology changes, and defending against continual proposals that would suppress or distort the vote -- this requires ongoing leadership. Learn More ›

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Campaign Finance Reform

In Oregon as elsewhere, how we regulate money in politics determines the extent to which money is able to influence and corrupt our politics. Learn More ›

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Fair Courts

Oregon Courts

Most of us don't think much about our courts, but we rely on them regularly. We need a strong, healthy court system that's fair and impartial. Learn More ›

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