North Carolina Links:


Voter Owned Election Research from Democracy North Carolina- includes summaries of important bills and a look at successes in Maine and Arizona


Search campaign finance reports for City Council and Mayoral candidates in your city- links to all 100 NC County Board of Elections 


Pilot Public Financing Program for 3 Council of State offices- from the NC General Assembly: read bill text and view votes


Chapel Hill Public Financing- from the NC General Assembly: read bill text and view votes


Outside North Carolina / General Links

Center for Governmental Studies- a comprehensive report/map of all full and local public financing programs nationwide


What others are saying- Public Campaign's collection of video and written statements from public financed candidates and supporters


Where do the 2008 Presidential candidates stand on public financing?- Common Cause Iowa collected statements and audio from a majority of candidates 


Albuquerque's success with public financing- Report issued by CCNM looking at Albuquerque's first election with public financing



CT Citizens' Election Program- an in-depth candidate guide to how the statewide CT system works


Maine Clean Election Stats- prepared by Common Cause Maine, a quantitative look at Maine's 3 election cycles with public financing


Arizona Clean Election Stats- prepared by Arizona Clean Elections Institute, a quantitative look at Arizona's election cycles with public financing

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