Partisan gerrymandering has undermined the right of North Carolina voters to choose their representatives, while also leading to a series of costly court battles and increasing polarization in government.

Fortunately, there is a plan to end gerrymandering now in North Carolina, giving voters a choice and a real voice in our elections.

North Carolina is home to America’s most gerrymandered congressional district and is one of the two most gerrymandered states. The state legislature gerrymandered its own seats so effectively that almost one-third of them will run unopposed in the 2014 general election. As the Wilmington Star-News puts it, the current system results in “a convoluted mess that confuses voters and serves to entrench one party or the other.”

Common Cause North Carolina plays a key role in the End Gerrymandering Now coalition to reform the way the state draws legislative districts. The coalition seeks a data, criteria, and time restricted process to draw legislative lines before the legislature votes on them instead of allowing the legislature to draw their own districts. Recent redistricting reform activities include:

  • Kicking off a coalition effort with a press conference featuring Richard Vinroot, former Republican mayor of Charlotte, and Charles Meeker, former Democratic mayor of Raleigh.
  • Recruiting 70 mayors across the state to support our effort.
  • Holding public meetings across North Carolina to generate grassroots support for redistricting reform. 

For more information about Common Cause North Carolina’s efforts, visit the End Gerrymandering Now website or contact Jane Pinsky at, 919-833-0092.

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