Too Political? Obstacles to Voter Registration Drives in New York City Report

September 1, 2012

Due to these restrictions, along with a confluence of right?wing attacks on voter registration and manufactured fear of voter fraud, voter registration has been thrust into the political arena. In our own experience, we have seen third?party voter registration more and more often mistakenly viewed as a political or partisan act. Based on this concerning trend, we decided to do more research to find out how easy or difficult it is for a third?party public interest group like CC/NY to register voters in our home city of New York. We selected a wide variety of public and private venues and locations throughout the five boroughs and contacted relevant staff to ask if we could do voter registration on the premises. The reactions we got varied greatly, from sharp denials to excited thanks for our efforts. In this report, we present the findings of our research and what these results may suggest as to the effect of recent restrictions and the politicization of voter registration the nonpartisan effort to register voters.

READ: NY_090112_Obstacles_To_Voter_Registration_Drives_in_NYC.pdf.pdf

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