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Notice of Petition

August 21, 2014

Voters across New York sued the Board of Elections over misleading ballot language on redistricting constitutional amendment.

Memorandum of law in support of petition

August 21, 2014

Far from being “clear and coherent,” as required by the Election Law, the Abstract and Prop 1 Language are designed to and will have the effect of confusing voters as to the Redistricting Amendment. Specifically, the Abstract and Prop 1 Language misleadingly describe the proposed commission as “independent” when in fact the commission will be beholden to the leaders of the Legislature and omits material information concerning the Legislature’s default power to reject the commission’s maps and draw its own maps.

Suit Challenges Misleading Redistricting Amendment Ballot Language

Memorandum of law in support of petition

Notice of Petition

Redistricting Complaint Suit

August 18, 2014

Voters have filed a lawsuit appealing the New York Board of Elections’ approved ballot language for Proposition 1, which concerns amending the state constitution to establish a redistricting commission. The petitioners are represented by Neil Steiner, a partner at Dechert LLP. “New Yorkers deserve neutral ballot language which fairly describes the amendment. Unfortunately, the wording of Proposition 1 is intentionally confusing, misleading voters to think that the amendment would create an impartial and independent redistricting process. It won’t, and voters have a right to make up their own minds, without politically motivated input from the Board of Elections,” said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY, and one of the four petitioners in the proceeding.

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