A talented team of volunteer computer programmers at the Personal Democracy Forum's Civil Society Hackathon took Common Cause New York's good idea and, in 2 days, turned it into a first-prize winning app: PollWatchUSA app allows voters to use cell phones to crowd-source real-time poll monitoring. The app was featured in the New York Times. We used the primary elections in June & September, 2012 as a test for a very preliminary version of the app; gathering valuable feedback and identifying some kinks to be worked out. Then we rolled out the full version during the presidential election in November, 2012. In November, 2013, PollWatch reports resulted in Common Cause New York identifying a problem at the polls which had gone undetected. Currently, PollWatch is set up to report polling place conditions in New York City. We are seeking funding to expand the jurisdictions where PollWatch can be used.

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