Congressional, state and local districts must be drawn every 10 years to reflect population changes. How the districts are drawn determines who has political power for the next decade.

When legislators draw district lines to prioritize incumbent and partisan interests, voters lose. Election outcomes are rigged and voters have little voice in choosing our representatives. Communities are cut up and lose their voice with elected officials.

True redistricting reform would give voters the power to participate in the creation of political districts and ultimately to choose our representatives. We are active at all levels -- state, county and local -- advocating for fair and independent redistricting.

In 2011, Common Cause New York produced the only non-partisan maps for state and federal office. We need an independent redistricting process to ensure that voters picks their politicians, not the other way around.

That's why Common Cause New York opposed Proposition 1,  the 2014 ballot referendum, which would have enshrined partisanship into the state constitution by allowing the Legislature to have final say on legislative lines.

We will continue to work to create independent redistricting process in New York prior to the 2020 census.

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