Following the disastrous U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, wealthy special interests throughout the country responding to the Court's invitation to flood our political system with endless amounts of money. Often these wealthy interests hide their identities behind bland or attractive sounding committee names. New York has not been immune. The 2013 New York City election was a test run for wealthy special interests, who our research discusses, flooded the City Council and mayoral races with unprecedented amounts of outside spending. We are expecting a repeat performance, only more so, during the upcoming state races this year. With a lack of strong disclosure laws requiring that outside spenders disclose their contributions on the ads they fund, it will be difficult for voters to know who is trying to influence their vote and to access the credibility of representations made in ads and mailers funded by secret contributors. While we work to strengthen New York's campaign disclosure requirements, we are asking our members to help us track dark money spending by monitoring political advertising and reporting what you see, hear and receive.

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